The anger of Sánchez’s press secretary with journalists


Press officers like to have everything under control. To the point of making the task of journalists as difficult as possible, when it is not their job. This Tuesday, in Bali (Indonesia)the international press officer of Pedro Sanchez, Carmen Perezpublicly and loudly expressed his anger at not having been able to control the questions posed to the Spanish president.

Despite the fact that she, as usual, the hand and the communicators who, with few exceptions, know that they are not going to put their boss on the ropes, who gave the speaking turns during of the press conference. Even so, in the end Pérez broke a fort “Neither G20 questions nor international questions”. He was questioned mainly on the reform of the offense of embezzlement and the controversy of the the law of yes is yes. His complaint, with a visibly angry pose, caused even Emma Apici -an adviser to Sánchez-, pay attention to him.

Foreign appearances are a of the rare occasions when Spanish journalists can ask Sánchez, given that he practically does not appear in Spain unlike other presidents. This is why he takes the opportunity, despite Pérez’s rejection, to ask them questions in national key.

It is not the first time that Carmen Pérez, who arrived at the State Secretariat for Communication of the Cuatro television channel in the hands of Michelangelo Olivierthus makes comments in public, discrediting the work of journalists who usually cover the activities of the President of the Government.

His lack of respect and even his outbursts are frequent when he is reproached that he is not fulfilling his obligations as press relations officer. Pérez is more concerned with appearing in the protocol than giving information that helps journalists build their columns and facilitate their coverage. It is not surprising that at international summits he does not appear all day in the press room as other of his colleagues from other countries do. But he still appears in the photos. An attitude that causes discomfort and weariness among journalists who cover Moncloa who often even denounce that Pérez He doesn’t pick up the phone and doesn’t answer messages.. This is a common trend in recent months in the SEC.

Since her arrival at the prime minister’s international communication department, the way of working and the relations of the secretary of state for communication with journalists have changed considerably. there is no more planning. Before, with the exception of a trip caused by an emergency, the journalists knew with a certain margin what was going to be the weekly agenda of the president. Now, sometimes logistically difficult foreign trips are communicated with a few days to spare.

It is also common to receive once already mounted on the plane the program of what will be done in the cities where Sánchez is going, leaving practically no room to make decisions on the interest of it. For several months, moreover, his department -which is linked to the organization of the various international summits- It no longer notifies journalists so that they can be accredited in a timely manner. When it comes to distributing speaking turns, Pérez also has a particular methodology, always favoring the same media. Like when he chooses the journalists who can travel for free on the presidential plane, breaking with the tradition of rewarding those who, when they have to pay, attend international government events.


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