The airport is the last excuse for Morocco to extend its diplomatic crisis with Spain


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The latest tactics Morocco Pressing Spain is an excuse to close the airspace Coronavirus diseaseIn addition, it goes one step further and accuses the administration of irresponsibility In control Coronavirus disease And see their flight as “a danger to the health of the kingdom”.

The Ministry of Health accused the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs in a statement, Joseph Manuel Albares, Described as “unacceptable”.

For Rabat, “the current flight situation from Spain to Morocco poses a threat to the health of Moroccan citizens, and it also jeopardizes the Kingdom’s achievements in fighting the epidemic. Coronavirus disease“Because they believe” the Spanish authorities are far from guaranteeing strict control over the health of passengers when boarding at the airport. “

In addition, they regretted the “lack of verification of passenger vaccination certificates”. The Ministry assured that “multiple cases of Covid-19 infection have been detected when people from Spain arrived or transited via private flights”.

To be precise, perform Rabat This message was released during the announcement regarding the election as a clarification Portugal, replace Spain, As the country of departure for the repatriation of Moroccans stranded in Europe, within the framework of measures taken in response to the pandemic.

Since the start of the lockdown, this will be another threat to transit through Portugal to Europe, which will suffocate the port of Algeciras.Things that have been tried this summer Operation Paso de El Estrecho (OPE), millions of Moroccan citizens living abroad return to their home country for vacation.

Minister of Transportation Abdelkader Amara, July announced the opening of sea routes Tangier——Portimão So no matter what the Spanish port is, Moroccans in Europe can return.However, it was not launched because it is a pier Algarve Passengers who need to adapt to board the flight.

Potential diplomatic crisis

The latest statement from the Ministry of Health is similar to the information issued by Moroccan diplomatic officials Nasser Britta and Ambassador Karima Benjac when they received the POLISARIO Front Secretary-General Brahim Ghali in Spain.

In this way, the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and Spain still lurks. If Albares and Bourita spoke “regularly” as the Spanish minister said in the Senate this week, he would not have learned of this discomfort from the distant statement.

The Maghreb countries pursue a single goal, namely Spain and European Union (EU) Recognition of sovereignty Sahara WEAT, As you have already done Donald trump card a year ago.

In Rabat, they pointed out that Spain was the first obstacle to the EU’s non-recognition of the Moroccan nature of the Sahara Desert, disguised as an autonomous plan.

In fact, Minister Bourita boasted that they maintain good relations with Portugal, Italy and Central and Eastern European countries. In recent weeks, they have even tried to use Angela Merkel’s departure to reverse the bad relationship with Germany.

Embassies negotiate with foreign countries

In the end, the crisis between neighboring countries reverberated in their citizens.Thousands of Spaniards live in Morocco People who work in different fields, from teaching or diplomacy to private companies, have difficulty spending Christmas holidays in Spain.

Due to the global situation of Covid, Morocco has extended the closure time from December 13 to the last day of this year. There is no further information.Until Monday, through a statement from the Ministry of Health healthy, Accused Spain and threatened that “it will not resume flights from Spain without respecting the health agreements of the country’s authorities.”

The repatriation flight from Morocco to Spain will end on December 23. From then on, Rabat will no longer authorize any special travel. “Iberia guarantees that the departing plane is no longer full due to problems when returning. There is still no solution for the return. The embassy is negotiating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” a diplomat explained to EL ESPAÑOL.

In fact, their forecast for the capital to resume flights is negative. The professors of the Cervantes Academy and the Spanish School of Rabat unanimously stated to EL ESPAÑOL: “We are still in Rabat. We did not risk going out.”

“We are broken”

Therefore, thousands of Spanish expats trapped in the country do not have Christmas. They will not leave because they are afraid of not being able to enter and losing their jobs. They think the shutdown will be postponed again.

In this school year, 300 teachers worked in 11 Spanish schools in neighboring countries. One of them sent this message to EL ESPAÑOL on Tuesday: “It is absurd to keep about 300 teachers in Morocco. We are in a prison ignored by the Spanish authorities and we lack a counselor.”

After Morocco announced the closure of its maritime and air borders, they have been calling on Spanish officials for several days to help them spend their vacation with their families.

“There is nothing worse than the uncertainty of not knowing whether you will be able to see your family. The Spaniards in Morocco deserve the answer and know whether they can be reunited with their family. We are destroyed,” one was trapped in. Workers in neighboring countries posted on social media quoting Minister Albares.

“And diplomats serving in Morocco will not be able to go home for Christmas? A solution now!!!” is another statement.

Two days before the Moroccan Ministry of Health issued a statement, a teacher asked on Twitter: “Where is the Spanish teacher working in Morocco? Can’t I see my mother at Christmas? There are a few days left in this important time of the year. We still don’t have any answers. My family and I are broken.”

Long list of pressures

The list of pressure methods from Rabat to Madrid started to be long. It unilaterally terminated the commercial customs and ports on the border between Ceuta and Melilla and strictly closed the border crossings to stifle them economically.

In 2020, the Maghreb government approved two laws to extend its exclusive economic zone (ZEE) and its continental shelf, the waters overlapping the Canary Islands, where you can obtain rare metals from tropical mountains and conduct oil exploration.

In May of this year, it allowed 13,000 citizens to leave Castillejos arrive CeutaThe largest influx of immigrants in just two days.

The latest is the installation of a fish farm in the area islands Chafarinas, In the waters allocated to the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rabat in a notes oral.


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