The Adolfo Domínguez gloves that we should all have in our closet: put an end to the polar cold that traps your hands


If you are the type of person whose hands are very cold in winter, we have found the best solution for you: some Wool gloves from the new Adolfo Domínguez collection for this season. The fact that they are made of wool is a big plus because most of the gloves are knitted.

Wool is a fiber of natural origin well known for its thermal regulating ability. Thanks to its composition, it provides a lot of heat and also absorbs moisture and bad smells. Adolfo Domínguez gloves are fantastic because they have a removable outer sleeve.

Therefore, the sleeve can be put on or taken off depending on how cold your hands are. The gloves are maroon and the cuff orange.. Both colors form a spectacular tandem to give a touch of elegance to the look, both daily and for a special occasion.

They are gloves that deserve to have a place in your wardrobe this season. They are very warm, elegant and stylish. In addition, they are made with top-level materials, so with proper care they can be with you for many years.

According to manufacturer’s instructions, the ideal is to wash them by hand, and the water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees. Try not to use bleach and dry flat. The gloves can be ironed, at a maximum temperature of 110 degrees.

Aldofo Domínguez’s gloves

Without a doubt, they are one of the accessories in which it is most worth investing to welcome winter as it deserves. Combining them is the easiest thing in the world because they go well with everything.

To go to the office, you can choose a beige jacket and pants suit with a white shirt or knitted sweater. In this case, you can choose wide-heeled ankle boots as footwear.

If you prefer a more informal look to go out for a walk or run an errand, you can choose jeans, a sweatshirt and a pair ofnos track sole chelsea boots.

You can also bet on a midi-length knit dress and some high platform boots. As a warm garment, nothing better than a mid-length puffer jacket.

The two-tone wool gloves by Adolfo Dominguez are priced at 49 euros and are available in the brand’s online store.


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