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In 1999, the United States designated June 24th as “weekday dog ​​walking day,” inviting companies to accept employees’ dogs on their premises. The 30 Million Friends Foundation delivers on this great initiative by welcoming its employees’ dogs. Animal Cruelty Survivor, She Saved!

“Take your dog to work”! On June 24, 1999, the United States launched National Office Dog Day. idea? Companies are encouraged to welcome employees’ dogs into the office during business hours. Today, the 30 Million Friends Foundation also welcomes the dogs of its employees!

In the hallway, the willow tree happily strolls, glad to enjoy a few caresses. In March 2022, in the care of the Tuileries Refuge (77) with her pregnant mother, she was adopted by journalist Francois. Meanwhile, Spirou was collected by attorney Yoel in September 2021: ” Spirou was a victim of abuse at his owner’s premises; he was deprived of water and food.Most likely to be beaten, he lives in the darkJoel said. When I adopted him, he had no idea what a toy was; he had never seen a bullet in his life. And today, he is the most playful dog in the world! »

Spirou wisely gets along with his jurist master. © 30 Million Friends Foundation

In another office, Casey, a 5-year-old Chihuahua, is frolicking. In June 2020, her former owner, who was caged with about 50 other animals, was rescued by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. A month later, she was collected into a homestay with her companion animal, Lola. ” I kept them pending consideration of the case because the foundation has filed a cruelty complaintexplains project manager Laura. Today, Lola and my parents are vacationing in the Southwest, and Kasy is excited to take advantage of the foundation’s grounds. She plays with my coworker’s dog and loves being cuddled by the whole team! »

beneficial method

Because taking your dog to the office is clearly beneficial to the animal itself, it no longer has to endure loneliness. This argument may also encourage some people to adopt a dog knowing that he doesn’t have to spend his days alone.

Francois and Willow were inseparable. © 30 Million Friends Foundation

Animals are not the only winners! Carriers of social bonds, dogs create great joy and participate in group cohesion. By reducing employee stress, the presence of animals can also improve employee performance and creativity. ” Thanks to animals, we are less stressed, more peaceful and happierconfirms Adeline, from the Dean’s Department. We were constantly on the phone in front of the screen, so it was nice to see a wad of fur running down the hallway. The atmosphere is more joyful! »

Internal rules allowing good cohabitation

In order to cohabit successfully in the office, it is necessary to avoid disturbing the collaborators. To this end, organizations can develop internal rules in consultation with experts: behaviorists, health and safety committees, lawyers, HR representatives, etc.

For example, regulations might prohibit the presence of Class 1 and 2 dogs, deny dogs in offices with public contact, require pet owners to keep them on a leash in hallways, or even in employee protocols their presence in open spaces…

Virginie is happy to find one of the animals she rescued. © 30 Million Friends Foundation

Organizations can also post signage showing which offices and common areas are open or closed to dogs. Some areas can even be specially designed for animals.

Businesses and communities get involved!

A large number of companies have clearly understood the interest in this approach by joining The “Pets at Work” Coalition [animaux de compagnie au travail, NDLR], initiated by a large dog food brand to support the implementation of such projects. This is the case for “Giftmaster” (a company specializing in gifts); “WeWork” (a company that provides co-working spaces and services); “The Hub Institute” (supporting the digital transformation of large companies); and “Digistart” (specially created websites); “Copynews” (professional print specialists) or “Elan Edelman”, a recognized communications agency.

Some Municipalities – such as Suresnes, Grenoble or Montpellier – Take the lead too, and likely encourage other communities to follow suit…for the benefit of all!

Willow, an excellent assistant! © 30 Million Friends Foundation

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