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The formulation of the “Animal Code” is an important step forward for animal law and a real step forward for animal rights. It is the result of collaboration between the 30 million d’Amis Foundation, private law professors and animal law experts Jean-Pierre Marguenaud and Jacques Leroy, and their academic team. Unpublished.

Animals finally have their own password! A symbolic event illustrates the place that animals now occupy in our society. The first “Animal Code” responds to the urgent need to unify many texts, which are scattered in 7 codes that regulate our relationship with animals (Civil Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Rural and Maritime Fisheries Code, Environmental Code, Territorial Collective Code, public health). It brings together thousands of French and European regulations as well as major case law decisions concerning pets, farm animals, wild animals or domesticated animals.

This 1,058-page book was prefaced by the philosopher Florence Burgat, and under the guidance of the French authorities and pioneers in animal law, it took more than a year of work.

Indispensable tool

The Animal Code is an important tool that all practitioners of animal law lack, whether they are professionals (magistrates, prosecutors, lawyers, veterinarians, etc.), teachers, researchers, or students. It makes the regulations more readable, establishes a list of legislation and highlights inconsistencies in the text.

The 30M d’Amis Foundation continues to innovate to improve animal rights.
Reha Hutin

Promoting animal rights through the dissemination of legal knowledge is a major issue in modern society. For decades, as a result of reflections with well-known legal experts, the 30 Million Delta Foundation has been constantly innovating to develop animal rights.She must be the origin of the first animal code », appointed the chairman of the foundation Reha Hutin.

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Next step: legal personality of animals

The “Animal Code” is a major new development after the animal law The Civil Code recognizes the living and sensitive nature of animals Acquired in February 2015 by the 30M d’Amis Foundation, which places animals in suspension between “people” and “cargo”. With the “Animal Law”, it is easier and more relevant to prepare the next step for them: the recognition of the legal personality of animals.

Today, there is a distortion between the legal category of animals (live and sensitive creatures, shared by humans) and their attached legal status (legal status of goods).Now it is necessary to pass Recognition of animal legal personality.

Animal code
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