The 1959 MGA 1500 Roadster is our trailer of choice today

This 1959 MGA 1500 Roadster is a relic from another era, just as attractive as it was then at auction Bring the trailer.

The car comes with a 72-horsepower 1.5-liter inline-four and a four-speed manual transmission, both of which have been revamped.

There are four days left until the auction closes on April 15, with bids of $16,000.

MGA is ingrained in my family, here’s why This 1959 MGA 1500Currently for sale on Bring a Trailer such as car and driver, Part of the Hearst car – caught my eye. Some of my earliest memories are of riding on my dad’s 1962 MGA Mark II, holding the shift lever from where I was sitting in the passenger seat, my dad’s hand on my shift, it always seemed a bit of a pain . We all had to sit in two seats sometimes, my mom holding my sister and my brother and I sitting on the floor. The aluminum doors on this car are so smooth that my dad didn’t even want anyone to lean over and look near the doors to avoid damaging the metal with their knees. Certainly not up to today’s standards, but hey: the car didn’t even have seat belts, and it still doesn’t today. Suppose this is another time.

My dad ended up selling the car to his co-worker, but we ended up buying it back when my brother was about to turn 16. What a perfect first car to send you 16 years old. -mph obstacles are still fun. Of course, this is based on the accuracy of the speedometer. Years later we joked that our parents apparently wanted to get rid of us.

It always strikes me how fun this car is to drive with so little power. This example isn’t quite the Mk II 90bhp rocket ship, but the power-to-weight ratio and capable chassis taught me early on that power isn’t everything. These cars weren’t raced on all the local tracks for no reason, and they’re still a popular choice for vintage race cars to this day.

bring a trailer

Even in the late 1950s, the car still had to look pristine, with no door handles, and the pull cords had to go into the door pockets behind the plexiglass side curtains. The horn is mounted in the center of the dash, and the speakers should be loud enough to hear anything. From the choke wire and pull starter to the trunk-mounted crank start lever, just waiting for you to try it out when the car gets stuck. Center-mounted chrome hubs add to the racing heritage.

This example has the same wire wheels as ours with chrome center lock hubs, which I find more attractive than regular wheels.

I know my dad bought him because of the British style and racing pedigree. Really, he wanted a Jaguar E-Type that was also in the showroom, so I always thought it was a poor man’s version in a way. We used to find it funny that this car was purchased in the 1980s for the same price as our lawn mower tractor, about $2,000. People who get this will pay more.and auction The program ended on April 15, and four days later the highest bid was already $16,000.

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