The 12th Festival of Screenings in Villanueva becomes the epicenter of a new generation of cinema.


Lots of movies, an abundance of talent, infectious enthusiasm and, in this special year, a lot of joy. These were the four ingredients that made the 12th edition award ceremony Show Festival in Villanueva in one evening. The Audiovisual Festival of the University of Villanueva held a special event at the Gran Teatro Bankia Príncipe Pío. festival of university and young cinema. A celebration joined by many familiar faces led by presenter, former professional boxer and presenter Hermano Mayor, Jero Garcia.

short film wolf song, written by Judit Vilarrasa, was the big winner of the evening with the first Aceprensa prize backed by $5,000, Best Screenplay and the Music Library & SFX Best Music Synchronization Prize, which grants the winner a license to access AudioNetwork and AltMusic, both awards in the Director category. “. This category recognizes the creativity and talent of short films made by young people between the ages of 18 and 25, with a maximum length of 5 minutes.

Distributed Recording

The winners in this category were widely distributed, recognizing the vast amount of talent that exists in new generations and the promising future of our cinema: the second prize of $1,000 went to a short film. summer, Jesus Rodriguezwhich also won the award for best production, and the third prize, backed by $500, went to AnotherAngel Torrego. The list of winners in this category is updated Remember you (Best Screenplay) only with sugarg (best cinematography) and I love you (Best editing).

The audiovisual sector turned over for another year

young actress Luna Fulgencio (There is only one fathero), aged 11, took the stage to present the Villanueva Showing Talent 2022 award to his brother, actor Ruben Fulgencio. This category recognizes new voices and emerging Spanish filmmakers, and Luna herself was the winner in the previous edition.

In addition to the Fulgencio brothers, many representatives of the audiovisual sector took the stage to present various awards: producer, founder and president of IZEN, José Velasco, content creator Nachter, screenwriter and director Giulia Montejo, actors. Alejandro Casaseca and Juan Davila, actresses Lizi Linder, Sara Sabater and Charo Molina, producers Adan Latonda and Miguel Menéndez de Zubillaga, president of the Writers’ Circle Jeronimo José Martin and film critic Ana Sánchez de la Vnuchka.

In addition, the gala concert enlivened the performance of the violinist Paul Navarro FROM Carlos Gonzalezwho played potpourri one of the most memorable movie soundtracks. Nacho Gil Conesa, better known as Nachter, said while presenting his award: “I am honored to be able to present this award. Those of us who work in the audiovisual world know how difficult it is to capture an idea, a thought, a reflection and capture it on video. So I am especially happy to be able to present this award to these young people who have worked so hard to get here.”

Why does the university hold a short film festival?

Twelve years ago, students and faculty at the University of Villanueva decided to change the world with an ambitious project: an international short film competition. A competition that rewards young people who are able to convey their thoughts with the help of a camera as a witness. Innovative form and content. A festival organized by and for young people that has been able to make students from all over the world reflect on universal values: forgiveness, silence, fidelity, resilience or joy have been among the central themes that have guided various editions over the years. An initiative that strengthens the position of the University of Villanueva and has grown from a project into one of the most anticipated events for the new generation of cinema.


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