The 10 Zara Black Friday coats we have on file


The Black Friday is just around the corner and to be able to make the most of it, nothing better than these 10 rocks of Zara which we should already have on file. A safe card that will be our best ally for a very stylish winter. If you are looking for a practical and useful gift or self-present, don’t hesitate. Some of these offers must be fully utilized. With these discounted coats, you won’t be able to fail.

Black Friday: the 10 coats we must sign from Zara

This pink coat with a masculine waist It should already be in the cart, you save almost 40 euros, of the 100 euros it is worth, it will be worth just over 60. Pink is the color of the season and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest in the form of a coat.

The hair effect is more intense than ever this winter. You can get a coat that impresses at an outrageous price. Only 35 euros costs a coat to succeed with. A safe card in every way, get it.

A down coat with wool is a dream come true. It costs 100 euros without being on sale, although it is worth every euro. Don’t let it escape, it’s perfect for a special dinner and the actions you’re sure to have these days.

The oversized coat that you won’t take off all winter It costs just over 35 euros and is a basic that never fails. The brown shade and the versatility it offers make it a safe bet.

The 10 Zara Black Friday coats we have on file

Red is one of the colors of the season.. This short coat is perfect for almost any occasion and costs 59 euros. Get him in one black friday where you can find it much cheaper.

This double-breasted wool coat is a classic that never fails. For less than 50 euros you take it home. It’s a perfect option during a week or day of discounts where you can get less for more at Zara.

A Zara premium wool coat with fur collar It is a garment that impresses. The price is just over 100 euros, but it is a long-term investment, it will always be beautiful.

This quilted coat with a fur effect should already be in your basket of the purchase. This Black Friday could be yours for a lot less than you imagine. During the season it costs around 70 euros.

Zara’s retro-inspired coat is a magnificent investment, of this type of garment that passes the passing years always looks good. You can give yourself a garment with soul at a low cost price.

A knitted coat that will also serve you at home. With it you get a finish of 10 which gives you everything you need to succeed. Grab it this Black Friday.


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