The 10 socks to complete your party look this Christmas


This Christmas you need socks that you can complete the look with more festive, combinations of brightness, colors and joy that merge into an exceptional set. After 2 years we return to recover the healthy habit go and party, hug our friends and dance until dawn. To make the most of these days, nothing better than a complete look, from head to toe through these 10 spectacular socks.

Complete your Christmas looks with these 10 socks

Zara has three models of socks at a spectacular price of only 9.95 euros. We can choose from a shiny stocking, perfect for this time of year of parties, lights and happiness.

In addition to these sparkles, we also have some beautiful floral embroidered socks. A plus if we take into account that we will achieve a highly festive look with them. They are also from Zara and it will cost us less than 10 euros.

The 10 socks you can complete your party look with this Christmas

Plumetis socks are the third model that Zara is selling us at a spectacular price. It is worth considering this type of model for a slightly more special day where we want to leave black behind.

The party version from Calzedonia brings us these tights with shiny dots that will be the best option for a day to day full of emotions. Bright and beautiful, they will cost us just over 10 euros.

Shiny tights to make any outfit stand out They will cost us just over 10 euros. An option that we at Calzedonia have ready for action these days.

Another proposal from Calzedonia is tights with a stripe of mirrors. One of the best options for a day to day full of parties. We can stylize the legs with these elements.

The 10 socks you can complete your party look with this Christmas

A few shiny tights with the inscription: “A Christmas Carol” they can be a good Christmas option, also from tights specialist Calzedonia. They are comfortable and most original, as well as cheap.

Tezenis has incredible tights at a bargain priceJust over 5 euros will cost us these socks that will be ready to succeed at any self-respecting Christmas party.

The 10 socks you can complete your party look with this Christmas

We can choose between one type of print just as fine With flowers and an equally low price, Tezenis has models that stand out for their features and quality, perfect for this Christmas.

Thick black socks with a stud, they will give an aggressive and original air to any look. The price of these socks is 6.39 euros and the rhinestone touch is very special.


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