The 10 perfect Mango trench coats to combine this spring


Mango has a wide collection of trench coats, the spring star garment that you can combine with all your daily looks. The spring jacket perfect is without a doubt the trench coat. We saved this garment which a few years ago became a base in all female wardrobes to get the jacket that best suits what we are looking for. From 59 euros we can buy Mango one of the most beautiful trench coats we have ever had, it will be difficult to choose just one of these 10 selected.

Mango: These are the 10 trench coats to enjoy spring

The first of Mango’s trench coats is a classic and moreover, it is the cheapest of its new collection. For 59.99 euros, we bring home a design with great detail, 100% cotton and water-repellent fabric, a water-repellent technical fabric that will be the most desired of a spring with plenty of rain.

The trenchcoat easier is in Mango. If we do not want so many details, we can choose this simple trench coat like this. With a belt and no buttons, we can wear it comfortably with different clothes, it is so basic that it allows us all possible combinations in the spring. It is available in three colors.

A luxurious trench coat in a pearl gray tone and a price of 69.99 euros. Mango raises the level of their garments a bit with this trench coat with spectacular details. As a coat, we can get the basics of the season at a good price. An ideal mid-season jacket for the office or all types of official events.

We leave the belt behind and bet on the buttons. This type of garment is ideal if we want to stylize the figure. We balance the hips and put the belt in place, at the waist as part of the set. A good alternative in white that looks like a dress, but it is a mango trench coat.

The 10 perfect Mango trench coats to combine this spring

The waterproof trench coat in an oversize version. If you want to invest in a design that will always look good, get the two versions of this trench coat. Ideal for pregnant women who want to take care of the clothes later or if you are thinking of leaving tight clothes behind you, it will be nice and very warm.

Luxury and glamor go hand in hand with this trench coat with puffed sleeves. For just over 100 euros, we take home a garment that will always stand out. White is a timeless color and the buttons on this garment look better when you see it, do not miss it, it will fly from the Mango shelves.

129.99 euros is worth the most beautiful trench coat with shoulder pads from Mango. It is without a doubt one of those garments that will look great with almost any combination. Perfect if we want to refine the hips or give more prominent space to the upper part of the body. It is a trench coat with eighties air that will give a luxurious touch to our spring look.

This trench coat is transformed. We can wear it as a trench coat or vest, it is a surprising 2 in 1 from Mango that costs us only 199.99 euros. A special edition for this spring that will impress more than one.

The 10 perfect Mango trench coats to combine this spring

A parka trench coat in cotton It is the perfect garment to give a sporty touch to our everyday life. In this case, we are faced with a part that looks like a design and has some of the most original details. The change of colors and the green background tone are the best weapons in this Mango mid-season jacket.

Mango trench coat in premium cotton It’s spectacular. In black, an option that makes it the perfect wardrobe background, it has exclusive details at a low cost price, it will cost us only 129.99 euros.

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