Thanksgiving is racist and kills gays


“It’s frustrating. It’s sad,” said Ms. James, a member of the Wampanoag tribe, who lives in Massachusetts. “Some years it’s annoying.”

Rather than refer to the holiday as Thanksgiving, some, like Ms. Smith, recognize November 24 as a National Day of Mourning. It has been held in Plymouth, Massachusetts every year since 1970.

If you think that a decade from now leftists who hate this country and use identity politics as a shield won’t turn Thanksgiving into a National Day of Mourning, remember that Columbus Day has been superseded in the states. of all country.

Also, it probably won’t surprise you too much to learn that Kisha looks just as Indian as Elizabeth Warren.

But if you don’t like the Nakba-ization of Thanksgiving through National Day of Mourning, try ‘Thanksgiving’, it’s the same thing but a little more artful.

“Thanksgiving,” the Native American-influenced alternative to Thanksgiving, has become more notorious in the US amid a racial reckoning.

National Day of Mourning became an annual event and coincided with Thanksgiving, a similar ceremony held on Alcatraz Island in California.

The purpose of Thanksgiving was to thank G-d. Lefties, unable to believe in Gd, kidnap him to spew hate at America while rejecting the concept of Thanksgiving.

In fact, it’s not Thanksgiving.


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