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A deer has been rescued by firefighters after a dangerous operation when it fell into the water at Port-du-Rhin in Strasbourg (67). The deer were able to return to their natural environment unharmed. collected testimony from technical advisors on animal risks that existed during the intervention.

Fortunately, the harm outweighs the fear! A deer may have been quite frightened: after falling 4 meters, the poor animal found itself trapped in Strasbourg’s Rhine Harbor waters in early May 2022.

The exhausted deer failed to climb the shore stairs (sometimes used by animals falling into the water) back to firm ground. He only rested there for a few minutes before returning to the water, apparently terrified by passersby. Facing the distress of animals, of people decide to seek help from joins said Olivier-Pierre Martin, technical adviser on animal risk. So we mobilized our team of divers and they went to the scene right away. »

Exhausted, but safe!

The situation did become critical: the deer, which had been struggling in the water for more than an hour, were in danger of being caught between the pier and the barge. ” So rescuers swam the animal towards the center of the pool to keep it safe., explaining O.-P. martin. Then they grabbed his antlers and corpse and put him on the boat…he’s obviously not used to it! »

Once on shore, the animal, with no apparent injuries, was returned to the forest in a large transport box. He was able to be released in his natural environment, exhausted but safe.

With the help of divers and technical animal risk advisors, it is not uncommon for Bas-Rhin firefighters to intervene in the canals to rescue drowning animals, whether wild or servants. In April 2022, three sheep find themselves stranded on an island after severe weather. Despite the current, rescuers managed to bring the animals back to the mainland one by one!

increase animal rescue

We are getting more and more requests from the public who seem to be more concerned about animal welfare.Captain Vincent Vedel, who analyzed contacts. Therefore, the requirements in terms of intervention are higher. To accomplish this mission, the Bas-Rhin Fire and Rescue Department obtained 4 animal risk technical advisors, a vehicle and equipment suitable for rescue animals. Twenty-eight team leaders will also be trained on such interventions by the end of this year, with more to be trained by 2023. Has become an essential profession for emergency services!

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