Thanks to El Corte Inglés and its 8-day gold discount, these garments for less than 13 euros will save you money


Until November 7, your favorite department store will celebrate their 8 golden days, where can you buy these Clothing under 13 Euros This will save you thanks British courts. Find out what they are and don’t miss the opportunities to absorb your website these days.

You have tops, sweaters, leggings, trousers, jackets… all the basic items for this season at affordable prices.

Color jersey

One of the clothes we need most these days is Jersey, This will be implemented from now on, because the weather will be colder. Therefore, El Corte Inglés clothing sells for less than 13 euros. An example is a gray sweater with a round neck and pearl knit long sleeves. Its price is 11.99 euros.You have various colors Therefore, you can buy more than one or choose the one you want and like the most: camel, tile, blue, gray, and stone.

It is a super wearable sweater, a little loose, can be paired with jeans or leggings, underneath is white sports.

Tops and T-shirts

In addition, in these 8 days of gold, there are T-shirts and tops in various colors so that you can wear them at different times of the year.Have Short sleeve T-shirt And tights, It adheres well underneath, so there is no wrinkle. Prices range from 9.99 to 12.50 Euros.

Leggings in various colors, patterns or plain colors

One of the most comfortable garments we have found so far are leggings. In this case, El Corte Inglés also showed a variety of tights that you can wear to parties or sports.

Among those we saw, we emphasized Small check print leggings This is an absolute trend. This is a modern leggings that can be adjusted to your body and shaped it with elegant and modern patterns for this spring. Navy blue, it is available in three sizes. Inject positive energy into your body! Its price is also irresistible: 13.50 euros, and now you can find it between 38 and 42 yards.

Thanks to El Corte Inglés and its 8-day gold discount, these garments for less than 13 euros will save you money

As you can see, you have a lot of reasonably priced clothes that should not be missed, and you can buy them directly online. These discounts will last for a few days, So you can now enter the network and get more content you need or like.

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