Thai police corruption video: A drug dealer was killed at the police station


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A video allegedly murdering a person suspected of drug trafficking in a Thai police station went viral on the social network of the Asian country, where it aroused anger against police corruption.

A court in Nakhon Sawan province where the murder occurred approved Colonel Thitisan Utthanaphon arrested, He obviously owns a Ferrari and other luxury cars, And six subordinates accused of murderReported the newspaper Bangkok Post.

These incidents occurred on August 6, but this video obtained from a security camera was disclosed on the Internet on Tuesday after being provided by an agent to a famous lawyer and a TV investigative program in Thai. Spread.

In the video, you can see how Thitisan and his subordinates Put a plastic bag on a 24-year-old suspect for more than a minuteAfter asking for a bribe of 2 million baht (61,000 USD or 51,000 Euro).

At the end you can see how they tried to resurrect him, but the detainee died.

The police said the suspect died of drug overdose and his girlfriend who was arrested with him was acquitted.

Thitisan is known as “Joe Ferrari” because of his love of luxury cars As well as a mansion with a swimming pool and a garden in Bangkok, the police found a dozen high-end vehicles there.


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