TGV Sud-Est: CGT and SUD canceled their call to strike, but there are still 1 of 2 TGVs on Friday-zimo news


CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail cancelled the call for a strike on the TGV Sud-Est axis from Friday to Sunday on Thursday, but this decision was “too late” and could not improve Friday’s traffic. There was only TGV Sud. -Est II will circulate and announce the management of the union and SNCF.

The management explained that at the beginning of the Christmas holiday, these strike calls were “too late from an operational point of view, and it is impossible to ensure an increase in the number of TGV circulating on Friday”.

On Saturdays and Sundays, “TGV Sud-Est” traffic will be almost normal,” she added. The railway group stated that traffic on other TGVs in the “North, East, and Atlantic” will be normal “throughout the weekend”, from Friday to week. On Friday, the railway group stated that it expects traffic on the TGV Atlantique axis on Wednesday to be “almost normal” on Friday.

The union called for a strike on the southeast axis of the TGV to improve wages and working conditions.

SUD-Rail’s Federal Secretary Erik Meyer announced: “We will end (strike) with CGT”, but this is “suspended this weekend”. “CGT-Cheminots cancelled the notification,” its spokesperson Cédric Robert confirmed. On Wednesday night, another union that issued a strike notice on this axis on the first weekend of the Christmas holiday, the Unsa Railway, has announced its decision to “withdraw from the strike”.

She said that the management of SNCF Voyageurs “noted with satisfaction that CGT and SUD-Rail announced their decision (…) after Unsa announced the same”.

The management stated: “The union carried out this promotion after accepting the last proposal made by the management of the TGV Southeast Axis on Tuesday night.” Since then, the union and management “have been in constant discussions”. , But the “Tuesday Night Proposal” provides a bonus of 600 euros for drivers and a bonus of 300 euros for controllers is the “final proposal”. SNCF Voyager.

SNCF Group CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou in Saint-Denis near Paris in February 2021 (AFP / Archives-ERIC PIERMONT)

In the joint press release, CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail explained that they “have discussed at the local level to overcome some requirements and take action to suspend the notice of strike”.

The two unions “condemned the methods adopted by the management, they are more willing to negotiate through the media, rather than real negotiations with all participants.”

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