Text messages from Johnny Depp’s doctor after a fight with Amber Heard: “I cut off part of my finger”


MSpotlight from Day 4 Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard tests goes to the actor’s fight with substance abuse. But they don’t get into what really matters, which is Amber Heard’s abusive behavior towards him. She was well aware that the actor had mental health problems, and yet she decided to attack him both physically and psychologically. During the 4th day of the trial, Dr. David Kipper was featured in pre-recorded testimony throughout the case. This is the medical professional who treated Johnny Depp when the actor decided to sober up during his engagement to the actress. Amber Heard. Kipper developed a close relationship with the actor and the two began messaging. The doctor shared a disturbing text in which Johnny Depp reveals that he cut off part of his finger back in 2015.

Why did Johnny Depp cut off part of his finger?

During the filming of the new part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Johnny Depp traveled around Australia with Amber Heard. Dr. Kipper left a nurse to take care of Johnny when he was trying to detox, and it was she who reported the text that the actor sent to the doctor. This happened during an incident where Depp had part of his finger completely cut off. The reason he chose to mutilate himself is directly related to the struggles of a man who deals not only with addiction but also with depression. They do it as a way to escape reality when real life becomes too difficult to handle. Depp acted this way purely out of pressure. In a statement taken back in February 2022, a doctor revealed a dire message from Depp right after the Heard incident.

Here is what Depp wrote verbatim: “Hi f-man, I had another one. I can’t live like this. It’s full of shit, like a Christmas goose, I’ve had enough. Enough!!! Constant insults.” , humiliating, humiliating, most heartbreaking [unintelligible] that is only freed from the evil, evil and vengeful c-!!!!! But you know what? Far more painful than her venomous and demeaning, endless educative rants… are her disgusting and purposefully offensive tirades and her fucking shocking treatment of the man she should have loved more than anything. Her self-obsession is far more important…she is SO AMBITIOUS. She’s so desperate for success and fame… that’s probably why they bought me. Even though she HIT me with that sad old man, I was… I feel so very sad… I cut off the tip of my middle finger. What should I do? Except, of course, going to the hospital. I am so ashamed that I got into something with her … M-WORLD.


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