Texas: Muslim Immigrant Plans to Blow Up High School


Salmanzadeh is a naturalized US citizen from Iran. Iranian mullahs have repeatedly vowed revenge for the killing of Qassem Soleimani. Could this plot have had something to do with it? To answer that question, we would need some journalists, but that race has disappeared from the earth.

“Scheduled Sentencing for Amarillo Man Who Planned to Blow Up Tascosa High School,” by Jamie Burch, ABC 7 News, December 8, 2022:

AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) — A judge has scheduled sentencing for an Amarillo man who planned to blow up Tascosa High School and then leave town.

Erfan Salmanzadeh, 33, is scheduled to be sentenced on April 13, 2023 in federal court.

According to documents obtained by ABC 7, Salmanzadeh recorded a video on July 22, 2021, in which he said that he was going to blow up the high school.

“We are going to blow up the school…we are going to hit Tascosa…look at these,” Salmanzadeh said, according to the documents.

Salmanzadeh was arrested on July 26, 2021 after a neighbor reported hearing a loud explosion in Salmanzadeh’s backyard.

According to the documents, Salmanzadeh planned to board a plane in California two days later to avoid arrest after the attack.

Salmanzadeh pleaded guilty Monday to “use and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.”…


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