Texas lawyer wants to ban social media for minors – Thelocalreport.in


(NewsNation) — A Texas state lawyer wants to outlaw social media for teens in the state.

Republican state Rep. Jared Patterson filed a bill which would stop Texas youth from using social media platforms. To enforce the ban, the legislation would require those 18 and older to upload a picture of their ID and a photo of themselves holding that ID to create an account. Social media platforms would be required to delete that data after verifying.

Patterson cited a rise in mental health issues among teens which he linked to the use of social media. There is some evidence social media can negatively impact teens, especially girls. A study from Meta found Instagram had negative impacts on body image in teenage girls. Social media can also lead to anxiety as teens compare themselves to carefully curated images from peers and influencers.

But at the same time, a recent Pew-study of teenagers found only 9 percent of teens felt social media had a negative impact on them. Most teens viewed social media as neutral, rather than positive or negative. Teens said social media helped them feel more connected to their friends and offered them support in rough times.

Texas isn’t alone when it comes to grappling with the impacts of social media on teenagers.

Overall, Americans are less likely to value content moderation than users in other democracies, especially when it comes to policing misinformation on platforms. Since most major social media companies are based in the US, they tend to operate based on America’s social norms.


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