Tessy announced the birth of her third child in an unexpected way


Tessy from Luxembourg Can’t be happier.The ex-wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg not only married the Swiss businessman a few weeks ago Frank FlosserBut she also just became the mother of her third child. She herself has confirmed the good news through her Instagram account, and by the way, she is very active.

The designer took this opportunity to share with her followers newborn, The story of a child through his profile. A cute picture confirms that the baby will receive the name Theodore. But this is not the only way for Tessy to announce the news.this Former princess He also turned to his eldest son Gabriel, who revealed the details of his birth in a video posted on his profile.

In this sequence, the grandson of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg stared at the camera and said: “Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that we have a younger brother, Theodore. My mother and he are still in the hospital, they are very good, they send you all the love in the world”Tessy herself later published a picture of the baby accompanied by her father and reported that the child was born nearly 30 hours after giving birth, although this was already her third child.

Louis and Tessie Anthony from Luxembourg have been married for nearly ten years / Gtres

Just a few months ago, in February of this year, when I learned that the former princess was pregnant with her first child, Frank Flosser A few weeks after confirming the engagement of the couple. A few years after the divorce of Prince Louis, there was a surprising news that he now has a very good relationship with him. Interestingly, the son of Enrique and Maria Theresa of Luxembourg recently announced their intention to marry the lawyer Scarlett Lauren.

This third pregnancy has Especially important for TessySince she admitted that she had an abortion in 2012 some time ago, she recalled what happened on Mother’s Day last year: “We miss her sister in heaven, but we all know she takes good care of her. I also want to thank her for making me appreciate becoming more How amazing a mother is,” the ex-wife said. Maria Theresa of LuxembourgNow, the designer is enjoying a new stage full of happiness with Frank Floessel and her children. She is enjoying all the gifts that life has given her.

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