Terrible mess with “Blonde” claims


With the ambition of a revisionist biopic, half a tribute Marilyn Monroe and a semi-critical portrait of its time, fraught with constant transitions from black and white to color, bold ellipses and various cinematic formats, Blonde comes to Netflix just to confuse the viewer with an excessive desire to mix the atmosphere of a great American history and the atmosphere of a European arthouse film in one place.

The result is tasteless. Guided by masterful but not brilliant execution Ann Armsfilm by Andrew DominicKill ’em soft, Killing Jesse James) is a filthy and tragic pastiche that is exactly what she wants to condemn: the vandalism of a woman, Norman Jean, eaten away by her own movie star image.

Dominic collects disturbing postcards from the star’s biography to paint a critical portrait of his moment. No inconvenience, but the heaps of hand-me-down religious metaphors and iconic imagery (some of immeasurable beauty…if they served a purpose) amount to more vulgar satire than touching drama. Famous sexually controversial moments Blonde they are more hilarious than controversial, and one wonders what is the point of inserting them into a work other than to demystify its main characters.

It is clear that the intention Blonde it portrays the atmosphere and psychological reality of Norma/Marilyn more than, say, the materiality of the event, and also makes a lot of American criticism. Joyce Carol Oates’ book, on which it is based, is already an admittedly fictionalized biography of the actress’s life. But she’s impossible to empathize with, as Dominique manipulates Anna de Armas as if she were a sexualized version of Rain Man (see when she asks for directions to eat an egg).

The result is rife with bold plans that replicate his iconic looks and others, served by Dominic himself (there’s no shortage of star cunt steam…) and a Lynchian aura (in the terrifying surrealism of some episodes) that really, , back off Blonde from the academicism of an ordinary biopic, but also to bring it closer to the category of bloated and bombastic catastrophes.




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