Terelu Campos: The reason why you left the set of “Viva la Vida”


September is coming, and this translates into one word: change. This Saturday, Carmen Borrego Have bid farewell ‘Life’He has been working there recently after leaving “Sálvame”.In fact, he left the space presented Jorge Javier Vazquez Because mental wear is part of it, and disagreements with some collaborators. However, time can heal everything, and this has already happened because it has become one of the star signings of the aforementioned show this season.

Terelu Campos in the file image. /Gtres

For the last time he Emma Garcia Sent my daughter a farewell video Maria Theresa Campos. It’s not so much a warm goodbye, it is more bittersweet, because the photos they posted did not match the preferences of his sister Terelu Campos, and she left the crew angrily without hesitation. It’s not necessary to put your child’s video in my opinion, it’s obvious. “Putting that hurt is ugly, I shit my milk…“, he said with a serious face.

Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego in the file image.  /Gtres
Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego in the file image. /Gtres

Later, Carmen Borrego thanked her sister for her appearance and admitted that she wanted to leave the Telecinco show “a little more emotional”. “If you have the least affection and respect, you will not make this video. Made a compilation of very bad milk» expressing the mother’s Alejandra Rubio Very annoying.

Later, Terelu Campos’s eyes remained sluggish, refusing to elaborate that “help me” would also make her part of the collaborator’s “corral”. Monday to Friday afternoon. The TV station emphasized that she would never open private conversations between producers.

María Teresa Campos and Edmundo Arrocet are in the file picture.  /Gtres
María Teresa Campos and Edmundo Arrocet are in the file picture. /Gtres

The new reverse of María Teresa Campos

On the other hand, after confirming that Mustache Arrocet is a new contestant in “Secret Story”, the Campos family continues to be the focus of attention. Terelu Campos revealed how the mysterious host performed after receiving the news that her ex-partner returned to the front page of the media in a format recorded 24 hours a day. The future contestant of “Masterchef Celebrity” admitted that Maria Theresa Campos was disturbed by this situation. “Let’s see if it is possible not to ask him to record, She is not responsible for this matter. She will not show anything, she hasn’t appeared in his life for two years. What this man did was not part of the life of my mother Maria Theresa Campos,” she said bluntly.

«The only thing that bothers me is because you fucking gave it to my mother. I don’t care about this person, what I want is for them to leave my mother alone.Already a pair, now How is this going? The man voluntarily decided to end the relationship. Teresa is not in our market, she is at home, she needs peace of mind”, he has already been sentenced.

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