Terelu Campos, the reason he has no relationship with Rosa Benito


since Rossio Carrasco Back on TV trying to add color to my life, the conflict between the “greatest” daughter and her media family didn’t stop.After a few months away from the media spotlight in the name of rosio I’m live Rosa Benito is back in the Eye of the Hurricane. His latest move is to accuse his niece and forgery of the chain of documents shown in the series. Rocío Jurado’s daughter did not want to take steps, so legal action was taken against her.

Amid this latest legal battle, Trelou Campos Recalling the times when he maintained a close friendship with Amador Mojdano’s wife, he made it clear that not even the ashes were left. “We didn’t say hello the last time we met”has admitted help meafter explaining that they were an “accumulation of circumstances and statements” that led him to sever all ties with the man who used to be like his sister.

Treru Campos and Rosa Benito 2015

As the collaborator revealed, when the “greatest” sister-in-law spoke about her family, their friendship was interrupted, and to this day she has not forgotten. “He spoke out his anger like my mother take oath Went to his show and he somehow said he blackmailed her when she was very sick”, she recalls bitterly. That’s how, although their friendship was touched at the time, the truth is, Carmen Borrego’s sister has always stood up for her daughter Rosario Mojdano, a generosity she couldn’t find in Rosa Benito. “I believe I supported one of the most important people in his lifewho is her daughter, and I have always tried to defend Rosario to live an honest life and prepare for it,” she noted.

Terelu Campos and Rosa Benito 2013 / Gtres
Treru Campos and Rosa Benito 2013

But, without a doubt, the one who was his friend the least he knew was his behavior with Rocio Carrasco over the years, which has now come to light. “No minimum sympathy or charity or anything for Rocio Carrascowhich shocked me because I didn’t understand,” she said first, before revealing that they had been close over the years, even talking about family issues in the same language: “We talk a lot, we know a lot, we know a lot about a lot Things were kept silent as this was requested by my sister friend. Rossio CarrascoI know that Tito Amador told Rocio Carrasco more than once: ‘Rocio, please, don’t let Rosa know about this. ‘”

Terelu Campos and Rosa Benito 2015 / Gtres
Treru Campos and Rosa Benito 2015

Today, their friendship is over, and Terelu Campos is well aware of why the special bond that has united them over the years has been broken: “I think it’s a family influence. Suddenly everyone has to say: ‘If we’re not there Together, defend yourself because if we’re not together, things can get very complicated'”. It is at this point that the question now surrounding Maria Teresa Campos’ daughter is whether Rosa Benito’s true nature has always been who she is now: “So it has always been, Nothing is real about Rosa’s feelings for me, This would be a ridiculous use. “


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