Tensions over death of Masha Amini shift to Iranian embassies in Paris and London


This Masha Amini protests against Iranian regime after death they arrive London already ParisThousands of people this Sunday Iranian Embassy in these European capitals.

The demonstrators, many in exile from Iran, tried to contact the Iranian diplomatic mission, where they met a strong police forceThere have been tense moments with agents trying to stop the demonstrations from progressing.

In Paris, French police have been activated tear gas After the arrest of the young Masha Amini, the Iranian government held a protest rally against the crackdown after her death on Sunday, when some protesters tried to get close to the closely guarded Iranian embassy.

Agents used tear gas when several participants in the march that began in the square on November 11 exceeded the limit set for them by security forces.

Dozens of police surrounded the diplomatic mission, which was in one of the The most exclusive areas of the French capital In the sixteenth district, and has permanent monitoring.

Hundreds of people, mostly Iranians, took part in the protest, chanting slogans against the Iranian regime Tehran And to support opponents, organized by various NGOs such as French Raids or the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA).

[Protestas en Irán: al menos 41 muertos tras la muerte de Masha Amini por no llevar el velo]

Among the participants were some French dignitaries, such as the mayor of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, Conservative Republican Francis Spiner.

another last saturday Rally against Iran’s crackdown Hundreds of people took part in Place Châtelet in the heart of the French capital.

iranian hands

In addition, Iran also accused U.S. The attempt comes after Washington authorised tech companies to expand services in the Persian country in response to internet restrictions to thwart protests.

“Attempts to violate Iran’s sovereignty will not go unanswered,” he said. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanani.

Nine days have passed since demonstrations began in various Iranian cities following the murder of Masha Amini.Iranian state television has so far reported that at least 41 dead, 1186 arrested. The Iranian government denies the data.



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