Ten Zara colognes that clone the perfumes of the big firms


Years ago haute perfumery was inimitable. Each perfume had its essence and there was nothing that could even resemble it. However, this began to change some time ago, with more and more ‘low cost’ colognes managing to imitate, and successfully, the perfumes of the big brands.

Mercadona is one of them and Zara has also wanted to join the cause for a long time. The giant Inditex has managed to find these equivalences and make them available to its customers at a really cheap price. Currently, there are many fragrances for sale, but only a few of them manage to replicate, almost perfectly, those aromas of the top-selling perfumes of the most exclusive brands.

Their prices range between five and 20 euros, a most attractive number, through which the most prominent firm of Amancio Ortega intends to bring the fragrances of their favorite brands closer to the consumer.

It is the case of Gardeniaa colony that mimics Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, which is around 70 euros for a 100-milliliter bottle. In Inditex you can find it for 10.95 euros and, as if this were not enough, the most abusive can get the 200-milliliter bottle for only 12.95 euros.

Zara Gardenia Cologne / Zara

One of the most outstanding perfumes of the year is La Vie Est Belle from Lancome, whose price also reaches 70 euros for a 100-milliliter bottle. In the giant Inditex it can be found under the name of Red Vanilla, for 10.95 euros for the bottle of the same size, and for 5.95 euros for the 30-milliliter one.

If you had to choose a classic perfume that never goes out of style many would opt for The One from Dolce & Gabbana. The price of a 75-milliliter bottle reaches 70 euros and the big drawback is that many people cannot afford it. However, this is no longer a problem thanks to Zara, which, in its perfumery section, has the cologne Black Ambera clone of the original 100-milliliter, which is on sale for 10.95 euros.

In addition, being aware of the impact that the two colonies mentioned above have had, Zara decided to launch a pack that gives you the opportunity to get both for the incredible price of 15.95 euros.

Black Amber and Red Vanilla colognes from Zara / Zara
Black Amber and Red Vanilla colognes from Zara / Zara

Jean Paul Gaultier has also become a benchmark in haute perfumery. And all, thanks to perfumes like scandal, a fragrance with citrus tones available for 87 euros. The 100-milliliter bottle is on sale in the different commercial areas of the famous Inditex firm for only 10.95 euros. It’s about the colony Gourmand Addict.

orchid It corresponds to bombshell from Victoria’s Secret, a fragrance focused on the orchid that reaches 50 euros. At Zara, for just 10.95 euros, you can find a colony with a very similar aroma that also comes in a 100-milliliter format instead of 50, as is the case with the original perfume.

Zara Orchid Cologne / Zara
Zara Orchid Cologne / Zara

Notably It’s not just women who can buy fake colognes at Zara. Men can also do it in the men’s section, where they can find the cologne Zara Seoulwhich resembles perfume invictus by Paco Rabanne, the Tobacco Collectionwhich mimics the well-known 212 VIP Men by Carolina Herrera, the Blue Spiritan almost exact copy of boss of Hugo Boss, the for himan essence reminiscent of Dior Homme of Dior, and the Zara Collectionwhich tries to replicate one million by Paco Rabanne. And which one do you prefer?


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