Ten Hag punishes his team: makes the players run kilometers, Brentford beat them


MManchester United boss Eric ten hag made his wards run 13.8 km after humbly defeated 4-0 by Brentford.

The distance of 13.8 km was not chosen by chance. This appears to be the difference between the distance traveled brentford as well as Manchester United throughout their match.

brentford humiliated United on Saturday, when the Red Devils put on perhaps one of their worst performances to date, and the first half was completely lost for them.

Problems in midfield and defence, which had been evident for some time, reappeared.

In the first half, the team conceded up to four goals, three of which were a direct result of individual errors.

when United goals scored, no response from the team and There is a witch showed up upset United bench.

How far did Manchester United cover Brentford?

There is a witch In particular, he is said to have been frustrated by the team’s lack of running. In a 4-0 loss, the team ran a total of 95.6 km.

Any hope for Eric ten hag The era in the team ended after just two games. After the main whistle, Cristiano Ronaldo looked miserable and didn’t even acknowledge his manager or the crowd..

The fans had a hard time watching the game due to the lack of spirit shown and the inability to create any form of comeback as they dominated many areas of the field.

every time brentford took possession of the ball, the defender was inconsolable and seemed to be going crazy.

There is no denying that the club needs a significant infusion of talent. The season from here will only get worse if it doesn’t, that’s why There is a witch looking for an immediate response by posting this message to the test site.


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