Temptation Island: banishment with Claudia and two new bonfires tonight


tonight thursday November 17, new installment of island of temptations at 10:00 p.m. Telecinco. The gala will be marked by moments as intense as it is unexpected. We will live the first banishment of The Island, and two bonfires full of emotions.

Sandra Barneda appears in Villa Playa to announce to the tempters that they have to make a very important decision, to choose the girl who will be banished off the island for a while. They will make the decision to choose Claudia, because during his stay in the program he does not live the experience one hundred percent. But it won’t go away on its ownbecause she will be accompanied by Álvaro, who could be her greatest temptation. What’s going to happen ? Will Claudia fall into temptation for the first time?

On another side, The girls are going to enjoy a great pool party, which will get more and more intense as the hours go by.. Boys and girls will take the opportunity to get closer to their temptations. On the one hand, SamuelTania’s partner will try to get closer to jessica in front of Elena’s vigilance, which from the first moment has been her greatest temptation.

valerie it will keep trying to have the same connection it had since the first program with marioalthough it is close to Carmen. Laura keep moving forward with Adrian Yes Tanya with Hugo. Paula You will be very worried about the lights of temptation coming on, thinking they are coming from your partner.

The program will end with the bonfires of the twowhere Claudia and Álvaro return from their exile and they will see pictures of their boyfriends. The most impressive moment of the night will be when Mario sees images of his girlfriend Laura with Adrián, he will lose his temper and his performance will not be quite correct. Javi is sanctioned for skipping the normals of the program, Paola will continue with her doubts and finally, Ana will leave the bonfire as soon as her boyfriend Cristian moves on with the seductive María de los Ángeles.


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