Tebas: Real Madrid will never be like PSG because PSG is cheating

League the president Javier Tebas you praised real Madrid for how they made tough decisions to cut costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, while he once again highlighted spending Paris Saint-Germain

Thebes stressed that so far real Madrid are in good financial condition because of the decisions they made, they can never compete with similar PSG when it comes to costs.

“I said that Spanish football is not broken. real Madrid nor Barcelona, ” Thebes said during the LaLiga tournament.

“At least 80 percent of the clubs in Europe are doing much worse.

“Concerning real MadridI think they were the club that best dealt with the pandemic with a tremendous amount of effort. [when it comes to reducing] their payroll.

real Madrid be able to do whatever they want [as a result of these cuts]…

“They can never be PSG because PSG change. Their payroll is around 600 million euros, which is impossible. [Real Madrid] they are also not a state club, so this is not possible. “

Barcelona lost Bayern Munich while Seville could only draw with Red Bull Salzburg Tuesday night but Thebes Don’t care about the Spanish teams in the Champions League.

“There is still a long way to go in the Champions League. It was the same last year, and then everyone went through it, ”he commented.

“The level of LaLiga does not depend on several Champions League matches. When the Premier League grew the most, it was a phase of six years without winning the top tournament. “

When asked which of your favorite LaLiga Santander players are, Thebes three names came to mind – one of Barcelona, one of real Madrid and one of Atletico Madrid

“I would say Viniciuswho is about to explode, and now that he has found his scoring boots all the more. His celebration [against Celta Vigo] I thought it was wrong, but okay ” Thebes noted.

Ansu Fati, and then [Marcos] Llorente from Atletico Madrid… I think with Ansu Fati and Viniciuswe’re going to have some fun. “

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