Tebas: Real Madrid has had excellent financial management for 10 years

Javier Tebas praised real Madrid for the financial management of the club in recent seasons.

Los Blancos set the highest salary cap in LaLiga Santander from the LaLiga, in no small part due to the way they tightened their wallets when needed.

“Real Madrid is ranked # 1 due to its excellent management of the pandemic,” Thebes reported by Radio BRAND. “They have been excellent financial managers for the past 10 years.”

Despite losing Lionel Messi in the summer and seeing Cristiano Ronaldo leave three years earlier, Thebes still positively evaluates the competition that he oversees.

“We can’t get hung up on players like [Kylian] Mbappe or [Erling] Haaland ” Thebes explained.

“The Premier League has not played the Ballon d’Or for over 10 years. [winner] and these were the years when he grew up the most. The players will come, but they are not important for the growth or improvement of LaLiga Santander. “

Tebas continued to play down talk of the crisis after Real Madrid’s defeat by Sheriff in the Champions League, and believes that Los Blancos and Barcelona Both will continue to compete with Atlético Madrid for the national title this season.

“And this,” Thebes answered, asked if Athleti should be considered the favorite. “Real Madrid and Barcelona still there.

“I think other teams like Real Sociedad, Villarreal and Sevilla too. More and more evenly. When big teams are fighting for victory, they say that a crisis is coming. But they wanted more equality, and now it definitely is. “

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