Tebas on Pique-Rubiales Super Bowl deal: It’s serious but I’m waiting to find out more

lleague president Javier Fibes knows revelations about Gerard Piqué and Luis Rubiales in Super Bowl talks with Saudi Arabia it’s a big story, but he doesn’t want to stick his head out and comment yet.

Leaks seem to show Piqué and Rubiales personally discussing the deal that brought Spain’s showcase Supercopa tournament to Saudi Arabia and the extent to which they could benefit, which is arguably a huge conflict of interest for Barcelona defend, among other disputes.

“I have not heard the audio recordings. This is a question that I will not comment on until the members have expressed their opinion.” Thebes said while speaking at the Barcelona Open.

“They will have to say if the audio is [recordings] whether they are true or not, whether what is said there is true or not.

However, the La Liga boss said there seemed to be a lack of transparency in everything leading up to Spanish Super Cup played in Saudi Arabia. However, he is in favor of playing outside of Spain.

“taking [the Supercopa] abroad, right, in my opinion, we tried to do it, but we were not given,” he said Thebes.

“As an idea, I’m not against it, but all the intrigue about who gets how much… there are a few things I don’t agree with. For example, the share of money between clubs other than Real Madrid and Barcelonabut I’ll wait to hear the sound before giving my opinion.”

Leaked audio recordings published by El Confidencial suggest that Gerard Piquéthrough his company Kosmos, is set to cash in on the €24 million deal that brought the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, a move that proved unpopular with fans and players alike and is sure to be even more popular now.


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