Tears of Bellerin after the final home game of Betis and an uncertain future

Hector Bellerin spent an unforgettable season in Real Betisand his affection for the club was evident after their last home game of the season against Granada on Sunday.

The right-back’s loan expires on June 30, and he couldn’t hold back his tears in regulation time.

gorgeous decided to join the club last year to fulfill his father’s dream of seeing him in a Betis shirt.

Not only did he play a decisive role on the pitch, but he also feels at home at the Estadio Benito Villamarin.

After a warm hug with his two best teammates, Borja Iglesias and Aitor Ruibalhis family joined him on the field and he had a long hug with his father, Pepe.

gorgeous became one of the most popular players in the locker room and a fan favorite.

Arsenal contract, it will become clear in the coming weeks whether he will stay in London or move to Betis constant

Ceballos highlights Bellerin’s love for the club

Daniel Ceballos and Hector Bellerin formed a close friendship during their time together in Arsenaland they promised to play together for Real Betis

Ceballos retweeted video gorgeous and his father on the field together at any time and published the following caption.

Pepe [Bellerin] and Hector Bellerin. The amount of love for Real Betis in one picture. An example of feeling,” he wrote.

Borja Iglesias’ plan for Bellerin to stay

Borja Iglesias and Aitor Ruibal both desperately need gorgeous stay at the club this summer.

churches took to Twitter to propose a crowdfunding campaign for stay and Ruibal replied to the tweet.

“It is necessary,” he said.


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