Taylor Swift Talks About ‘Unbearable’ Ticketmaster Disaster


Alright. It goes without saying that I am very interested in my followers. We’ve been working on this for years, and I’ve brought most of my professional experience to the company. In a lengthy statement released Friday, November 18, he said, “I’ve done this to improve the quality of my fans’ experience, especially by doing this personally with my team, who care about my fans as much as I do.

It is difficult for me to put these connections and attachments in the hands of a stranger, and it is painful for me to wait helplessly while mistakes are made. The Grammy winner said, “There are many reasons why people have such a bad time trying to get tickets, and I’m trying to figure out how this issue can go better.”

Swift said the fan-exclusive Ticketmaster sale, which began Tuesday, November 15, “will not be an excuse for anyone” and will not do so. He said: “We repeatedly questioned them whether they could manage this type of request and received assurances that they could. “I can tell those who haven’t bought tickets that I want to create additional opportunities for us all to come together and sing these songs,” the “Ivy” singer said in her closing speech.

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Taylor Swift Talks About Ticketmaster Disaster

According to Ticketmaster, public sale FastThe upcoming US tour was halted “due to unusually high demands for ticket systems and insufficient inventory of tickets available to meet this demand,” the company tweeted the day before Swift broke its silence. The Cats player announced earlier this month that he will be making his first live stadium performance in four years. On November 1, Swift announced a star-studded lineup of co-artists via Instagram, from Phoebe Bridgers to HAIM. she said.

A select few were given personal identification information to enter pre-sale after signing up for the actual performances for which they wanted tickets. The launch of the Ticketmaster line on Tuesday caused a site crash that caused some enthusiastic consumers to wait hours before being allowed to choose their seats. Many others left without receiving anything from the sale. As internet criticism began to spread, Ticketmaster took up the situation.

According to the firm’s statement, “Eras in Sales makes one thing clear: Taylor Swift is an unstoppable force and continues to break records.” “We try to make the ticket purchasing process as simple as possible for fans, but for many who are trying to buy tickets for the Eras Tour, this is not the case yet. Even if not everyone can attend these performances, we know there is room for improvement and we are focusing on that.

According to the company, more than 3.5 million fans signed up for the pre-sale, and 1.5 million of them received their access credentials. Sales topped site records on Tuesday, with 2 million tickets being the highest ever sold by any artist in a single day.


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