Taylor Swift Announces the Seventh Song of Midnights, Her Next Album in a TikTok Series

Taylor Swift Announces the Seventh Song of Midnights, Her Next Album in a TikTok Series

seven songs from Taylor Swift’s next album,midnight“So far, their names have been made public. The singer-songwriter is slowly revealing details about the album to her fans through the TikTok drama “Midnights Mayhem With Me,” where she randomly selects the songs that will emerge by spinning a cage ball.

He revealed the name of the ninth song in the playlist in his latest music video, which you can see below: “Bejeweled.” It comes after the songs “Mastermind”, “Vigilante Shit”, “Question”, “Midnight Rain”, “Maroon” and “Anti-Hero”. Check out the parts list information below.

Release date “midnight” It was set for October 21. While receiving the Video of the Year award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Swift announced the album in August. Shortly after, she sent her fans a letter announcing the album.

Swift said, “This is a compilation of songs composed in the middle of the night, a journey between horrors and pleasant dreams. “The monsters we encountered and the grounds we threw, turned and walked for for those of us who chose to hold the light of the lantern and keep searching in the hope that maybe we’ll run into each other at twelve.

Swift recently cited “Anti-Hero” from the upcoming album as one of her personal favourites. He added in a video, “I really don’t believe I’ve ever been so deeply immersed in my fears before.

This is Swift’s tenth album and she collaborated on longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff. The singer-songwriter will release the album in four different color vinyl editions, including the “Lavender” version, alongside the “Jade Green”, “Blood Moon” and “Mahogany” versions. The clock face will be created using the back covers of various vinyl copies.

Swift’s newest studio albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” were released in 2020. The first two of his re-recorded albums, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” were released last year. .

In an interview last week, Scooter Braun expressed “regret” for handling the sale of Taylor Swift’s master records when her company bought Swift’s previous record label, Big Machine, in 2019.

“I learned a valuable lesson from this. I believe some things have been mistranslated. On the NPR show Borders with Jay Williams, “I believe that when you have a disagreement with someone, it’s hard to fix if you’re not ready to talk.

Taylor Swift’s album Midnights includes the following tracks:

  1. A piece
  2. ‘burgundy’
  3. ‘Anti-hero’
  4. Part Four
  5. Fifth Piece
  6. ‘Midnight Rain’
  7. ‘Question…?
  8. ‘Vigilante Shit’
  9. ‘Jewelled’
  10. Ten Pieces
  11. Piece Eleven
  12. Twelve Pieces
  13. ‘Genius’


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