Taylor Lautner Finally Marries Fiancee Tay Dome in a Private Ceremony!


I hope you remember this actor from Twilight, no longer the most sought after bachelor, with the news that Taylor Lautner is married to fiancee Tay Dome.

2022 is a remarkable year for many things, especially in the lives of celebrities. While some celebrities have signed off on breakthrough projects in their careers, others have started their new lives as spouses or parents.

Many big names come to the list if it’s talking about those who decided to get married and settle down in life. Among them is the famous actor Taylor Lautner, who recently married Twilight’s longtime girlfriend Tay Dome.

The 30-year-old actor Taylor Lautner is no longer single as he has decided to marry his girlfriend, Tay Dome. They are currently officially married on Saturday, November 12, 2022. The marriage took place in California when a couple was seen kissing. This famous couple decided to keep it very private and that’s why no prior marriage announcements were made.

As she approached the bride, she was seen wearing a white dress with a floral print and a sleeveless skirt. The bride also wore a traditional veil. As for the actor, Taylor Lautner was seen in a black suit or black tuxedo.

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You can check out some photos of Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome’s Wedding here.

When the actor recently talked about his fiancée and how she would get her name and they would both be Taylor Lautner. The actor said in an interview with Clarkson that they will be the same person with the same name.

He also talked about whether to keep it super simple or super complex. But as for the current script, they’re going to be separating each other’s names as they’ll both have Tay instead of Taylor.

The couple announced their engagement in November 2021. The actress wrote about how she looks forward to spending her forever life with her best friend. In the pictures, we can see the Thai Dome surrounded by roses and candles. As for her then-girlfriend and now-wife’s reaction, she finally said that all her wishes had come true.

Actor Taylor Lautner first started the rumors when they were spotted together somewhere near Halloween in September 2018.

The actor decided not to hide his feelings and became official on social media. When Tay Dome turned 23, Taylor Lautner decided to take to her Instagram and shared a beautiful caption, congratulating her on her birthday and calling her an incredible person. He also thanked his girlfriend and thanked she.


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