Taxpayer-Funded Middle East Studies Centers at US Universities Promote Anti-American Propaganda and ‘Islamophobia’ Myths


It’s good to see the National Association of Scholars recognize this and document it in detail. Jihad Watch has been warning and documenting for years and, as a result, has been one of the targets of the smeared pro-jihad and pro-Sharia propaganda factories operating in these compromised universities today. An entire generation has now been propagandized with the myth of “Islamophobia” and much more.

“U.S. US Awards $2.9 Million to Universities That Promote Anti-Western Ideologies,” Open The Books, November 14, 2022:

While there are more than 50 Centers for Middle Eastern Studies at US universities, training students in the culture and languages ​​of the region, 11 are designated National Resource Centers, which provide federal funding.

According to a new report from the National Association of Scholars, the 11 centers each receive $260,000 in Title VI funding through the Department of Education to the tune of $2.9 million a year.

They are at Columbia University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, New York University, University of Arizona, UCLA, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Michigan , the UNC/Duke University partnership.

The report, Hijacked: The Capture of America’s Middle East Studies Centers, says the centers have strayed far from their purpose and now push openly anti-Western ideologies that focus on social issues like Islamophobia and immigration at the university level, and even promote the critical race. theory for K-12 educators….

Yale University courses are often riddled with progressive dogmas, including students reading “Islam Today: Jihad and Fundamentalism,” which attempts to reframe the most dangerous aspects of Islam as a “reactive force to Western colonialism.” , According to the report.

“By presenting students with only books that promote a pro-immigration agenda, educators sidestep meaningful debate on the issue and bias students toward their own progressive views,” Arnold wrote in the report. “The bias of these centers has been documented for years. It is time for the taxpayers of these activist centers to be released.”…


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