Tax Season 2022: File your taxes for free with these options


tax season turned on and the IRS knows about it. Filing taxes takes time and some preparation.

However, you can do it for freeand we will help you with this.

Millions of users register their taxes for free. Free IRS File is a public partnership launched with several tax preparation services.

It all started in 2003, and depending on your income, you could qualify for step-by-step tax preparation from one of the partnership companies.

Companies that are no longer part of the partnership

Turbotax and H&R block are no longer part of an agreement with the federal government.

However, both have free tax preparation services as they announced on their website. Finding tax software is a decent option for filing taxes.

Who is eligible for a free IRS file?

v I.R.S. and non-profit organization Free Files Allianceprovide access to free tax preparation and software from multiple companies.

If you earn less than $73,000 in adjusted gross incomeyou are automatically entitled to a free IRS file, 70% of taxpayers they have a right.

For help visit tax service websiteand look for the free file option.

Free IRS tax preparation

You can get free tax calculation software for people with simple tax situations sponsored by tax software vendors.

The packages are suitable for people who only have income from one job and are not listed on their tax returns.

It is important to note that government tax returns are usually included in the free packages offered.

What if I don’t speak English?

v Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program provides free tax training to low and middle income taxpayers, the disabled, the elderly and people, do not speak fluent English.

If you earn $58,000 or lessyou are entitled to VITA Services.

Several departments will help you with tax preparation.

Tax advice for the elderlyand Miltax are part of the Senior Citizens and Department of Defense program that provides free tax software and information to people who qualify for their services.


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