‘Tau’, Íñigo Onieva’s secret message to Tamara Falcó in her media rendition


Without a doubt, the re-emergence of Íñigo Onieva is the most anticipated, as he and Tamara Falco He kisses another girl during the festival after posting a video burning manAt that time, the Marchioness of Grignon decided to dissolve the engagement permanently, and then gave a series of speeches in front of the media in which she recounted what had happened in great detail and did not look back. So, after thinking about it for a few days, It was last Sunday, October 9th, when the businessman was talking Talk to a series of reporters awaiting his testimony.

First sentence of Íñigo Onieva / Gtres

Íñigo, clearly nervous and sorry for the damage caused, strongly urged reporters to respect the privacy of his loved ones at such a difficult time.A few words full of emotion Many people will overlook a detail that hangs around his neck.It’s nothing but a cross pendanta deceptively simple thing, but it will leave a great meaning for him and the man who would become his wife two weeks ago.

First sentence of Íñigo Onieva / Gtres
First sentence of Íñigo Onieva / Gtres

The necklace in question is based on a black rope with a cross, made only of wood, in the shape of a T.A shape often worn by Franciscan friars is Tau, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is also a symbol that was once placed on the foreheads of the poor in Israel, thus saving them from extinctionIn this way, it shows that it is a powerful symbol of protection from evil, and it is an endorsement for all Christians, as it was one of the most commonly used instruments of the execution of the cross during the Roman Empire. Was Íñigo being pointed out by the world for his infidelity, that he put all his faith in God so that this situation would end as soon as possible? This may be one of the hypotheses about the meaning of this pendant, although there is another that has a lot to do with Tamara Falcó’s beliefs.

Precisely considering that Tau is very closely associated with St. Francis of Assisi, as it was a symbol widely used by the Catholic Church in Franciscan times, it should be noted that this is one of the most relevant biblical de Griñón, which is Why Íñigo might be trying to connect with her again through faith, knowing that his ex was a faithful believer, even went to an audience in Rome to meet Pope Francis last March. In fact, he gave her a Madonna of Joy as a sign of his devotion, and even after suffering a love blow of this caliber, there are records.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva leave home / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva leave home / Gtres

At the moment it seems that neither faith in religion nor faith in church will unite them in the short term, presumably waiting son of Carolina Moras To put the water back on its original track, perhaps to save a man who he himself said was “crazy in love” despite making a mistake that he regrets today, even though his loss will be irreparable in the future.hearts of former players chef celebrity.

Nonetheless, the fact is that Oneeva is determined to stand up and express his views, except by singing a song fault The media have been waiting for the May rain for days: “I take this opportunity to ask Tamara’s forgiveness again, I will do as much as I can. This is something that has completely destroyed me and I regret it, hurt her and failed her,” he gave up, following a path supported by his closest friends and hoping to resolve what had happened.


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