Tangerine Africa and Cosharis Motors forge partnership to boost affordability of motor insurance


Tangerine Africa, a leading Nigerian insurance company, in line with its mantra of providing ‘Cover for everything that matters’, has announced a strategic partnership with Cosharis Motors that will make insurance more affordable for car owners in Nigeria. .

With the new partnership, Tangerine is offering a 1.75% fixed rate on auto insurance on all cars purchased from Cosharis Group at all of its locations.

Group Chief Executive, Tangerine Africa Commercial Yewande Adewusi said the company, through its new partnership with Cosharis Motors, is committed to seamlessly leveraging technology to ensure insurance is accessible and affordable for all. , and also to strive to make the insurance space trusted by end users.

Adewusi stated that the company’s intent through its partnership with Cosharis is to bolster its quest for greater inclusiveness and accessibility in insurance in Nigeria. The association is also in tune with Tangerine Africa’s push to learn more about values ​​and the importance of insurance.
“Our main focus in meeting the needs of our customers is to focus on significant cost savings and better user experiences. The plan is to make insurance always affordable and the path to car ownership and protection a seamless experience.”
She said: “Cosharis is a trusted brand in the automotive space and what we are trying to do to the market through this partnership is seamlessly leverage technology to make insurance accessible and affordable for all people. We educate people about insurance and its value. We need to close the protection gap. Insurance shouldn’t just be the last resort people turn to when a problem arises. Insurance is all about making sure emergencies don’t upset your cash flow. It’s there because you never know when you’re going to need it.”

Coscharis Group CEO Abiona Babarinde, commenting on the partnership, noted that the company has carefully selected Tangerine as one of its new partners due to the value of trust they carry in their DNA, adding that they have also proven to be reliable. in terms of delivering value for money to customers.

According to Abiona Babarinde, both current and potential Cosharis customers will continue to enjoy the Premium Automobile After-Sales Service that will be backed by the insurance company’s risk protection, guaranteeing peace of mind at a minimum cost from the moment of purchase.

Luciana Ojeniyi, Head of Digital Association and Wealth Management, stated that the rate of the insurance package is attractive and competitive enough for all users.

“I can guarantee to the general public, especially our potential customers, that this is value for money, and we just want to make sure that they have a very beautiful experience with our partners, Cosharis. We pride ourselves on the value we bring to customers.” Ojeniyi stated.

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