Tamara Gorro stars in a daring pose in the middle of her takeoff


After having lived through some of the most complicated months of her life as a result of a depression that brought with it a temporary separation from her husband, Tamara Gorro has returned stronger than ever. Every time there are more movements with which she influencers He shows that he is resuming his daily life little by little and with the help of his loved ones, among whom is also his already known “virtual family” that brings together no more and no less than two million followers.

Tamara Gorro at a premiere in Madrid / Gtres

With the sole purpose of showing that her batteries are fully recharged, the content creator has shared one of her most daring photos on her Instagram profile. And it is that, with a white sheet in the background, the one who was a tronista of Women and men and vice versa She has posed completely naked in front of the camera and only using high-heeled black boots, that is, one of the most trending footwear in recent weeks. In this way, the woman from Segovia has hinted that it is not necessary to wear clothes to be elegant, since if Tamara splurges on something, it is sophistication and good taste in terms of style.

However, it should be noted that this has not been the first time that Gorro has starred in a completely unexpected nude for his fans. Shortly before giving birth to her second child together with Ezequiel Garay, Tamara took off her clothes to show the world her pregnant belly without any shame and while she remained embraced to her husband. Something that, both that time and this time, has been praised by some users through thousands of “likes” and comments such as that of Cristina Pedroche, who also makes appearances of this type within the 2.0 universe and has already begun the countdown to your big day, which is none other than the Chimes to welcome the New Year in style.

Tamara Gorro posing / Gtres
Tamara Gorro posing at the photocall of an event / Gtres

“Just me.” With these words, Tamara made public her last full nude although yes, without the intention of showing her chest by covering it with her arms. A very daring movement with which he clarifies to speak as the starting gun for a new stage in his life, which promises to have nothing to do with the previous one to try to put back the discomfort and live a day to day full of happiness hand in hand of his closest friends, although without forgetting the sad loss of Valeria, his “princess” and whom he considered his own daughter, who died last July after not having been able to overcome the childhood cancer he suffered from and which affected him directly. to the nervous system.


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