Tamara Gorro returns to the Internet and admits to receiving psychiatric treatment


This is one of the most abrupt exits from social media recently. On October 14, Tamara Gorro asked her followers to take a break. The business woman left the network without prior notice and announced When she is ready, she will give a fair explanation. And, as announced, it has been delivered.

This monday Ezequiel Garay’s wife shared a nearly 10 minute video on her Instagram profile Its duration What’s up with him. “Hello virtual family…how difficult it is to make this video, it is one of the most complicated videos, but I think I need help,” he began. “I want to clarify that I did not leave the Internet because of insults or harassment. I have not suffered. I told you that I will come back if something happens, and it has already happened. My therapist recommended to come back because you treat me well. . Another reason is that my body can tolerate the medications given to me by my psychiatrist. Can you speak of a psychiatrist? You are right”.

With her consistent sincerity, “Ge Luo” obeyed his explanation. Tamara sits in a place that looks like a rural village, with blankets and cushions on the grass, wearing a simple pink knitted dress, and continues on. “How did I get to this point? Well, I don’t know, I don’t know. Well, now I am starting to understand all of this. More importantly, when colleagues in the press or you say “Wow, everything seems to be going well”, I feel the same. And it’s going well…”

But the truth is that oneself Influencer For a while, she admitted from time to time that she was not in good health, very tired, and did not want to share her life too muchTo explain how she got here, Tamara took a backpack and a series of stones, and she kept filling the bag while talking. “I don’t know if this happened to you. One day, a rock entered this backpack, and the other rock was heavier. Suddenly another person came in and the backpack fell off. But you stand up hard, it has weight, but one is heavier. The big one enters, the other one. And it is difficult to maintain. Until one person enters and automatically descends. No matter how much you want, you need help to lift it. This happened to me. I fell and they must help me stand up this time.”

Tamara Goro/Instagram

Kiko Rivera’s friends also said that her suspension of more than ten days not only came from social networks, but “from all over the world. Except for my family, I no longer meet with friends…I isolated myself. The reason? …we remember the last The stones, because they just fell, but we don’t even know where they came from. But they all gather together and make you fall.”

Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay / Instagram
Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay / Instagram

Goro told him “Virtual Home” If she returns to the digital world, it is under the recommendation of the psychologist and psychiatrist who treated her: “The scary thing is that even my doctor or therapist will take you to heart. My doctor told me that you are part of my treatment. You helped me a lot. Don’t expect Goro to stay in bed, one day yes, but I got rid of it. This is very clear to me”.

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