Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay separate permanently


Tamara Gorro has started the week giving the most unexpected news for her virtual family. Despite the fact that months ago both she and Ezequiel Garay chose to give themselves a second chance, the truth is that perhaps this decision would not have turned out as both would have wanted, reason why they have opted to end their love story definitively. This is how the protagonist in question has told it on her social networks, steeling herself to give information that she probably would never have wanted.

Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay in Móstoles

“Outside my work commitments, I have to tell you something”, began by expressing the former tronista of Women and men and vice versato later go into more detail when giving his most impressive statement: “I want to tell you something and that you know it through me and through no means of communication. Ezequiel and I have definitely made the decision to continue our separate ways. I want to highlight the deep love I feel for the person who made me happy during all these years and the respect I will have for life for the father of my children. For my own health, I don’t want to talk about this topic because it’s not good for me, it’s very painful. I ask you for help, only understanding and respect. Thank you ”, he settled, together with a heart and setting off the alarms of his more than two million followers, especially considering that the former footballer and the influencers they seemed to be going through one of the happiest moments of their romance.

Tamara Gorro's Story / Instagram
Story of Tamara Beanie

In this way, the marriage has come to an end after more than a decade of union in which there have been both good and bad moments. A little over a year ago, the collaborator of And now Sonsoles She admitted to being immersed in a depression for which she needed professional help. A very tough situation for which she also wanted to “get some air” in her relationship with the former Valencia player to “try to walk together again.” That new opportunity came during this month of January, when they confirmed her reconciliation through social networks, and judging by her publications, everything pointed to having returned to normality in the best of ways. But the truth is that this second part would not have been as positive as they would have wantedreason for which they have finally preferred to leave their bond in a mere friendship, yes, keeping the same respect as the first day for everything they lived together and for the love they feel towards the two children they have in common: Sheila and Anthony.

Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay / Gtres
Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay on their wedding day

Now, both will go their separate ways while Móstoles remains fully focused on the workplace, which is serving as the perfect escape route for all the problems that have come their way during this 2022. One of them the death of Valeria, the daughter of her best friend and “her princess”, which took place last July and plunged the content creator into absolute sadness.


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