Tamara Falcó’s unpredictable actions in ‘El Hormiguero’ have set off all the alarms


While Tamara Falcó’s life seemed to be calming down, rumors resurfaced, suggesting that her relationship with Íñigo Onieva might not be completely broken.That’s it, it’s possible The Marquise of Grignon Reconnected with her fiancé from three weeks ago, which is why they might be giving their love story a second chance.

‘El Hormiguero’ / Tamara Falcó in Antena 3

On the same night, as usual, Isabelle Pressler sitting on set Anthill Discuss some current issues with his colleagues and Pablo Motos.A long-awaited moment for viewers, especially considering the son of a few days ago Carolina Moras After the derailment was found out, he monopolized the media focus for the first time, sang “mistakes”, and solemnly apologized to his current ex-girlfriend. Viewers expected a comment from Carlos Falco’s daughter, a gesture of courage, but it wasn’t. That’s it, It was particularly striking that the host never mentioned Tamara when he did his usual dance around 10:00pm and introduced his collaboratorsthanks to her commitment and subsequent breakup with her fiancé, she wasn’t absent from Antena’s 3-night TV space, nor was she someone when all the media spotlight was on her.

Tamara Falcó showing her engagement ring / Gtres
Tamara Falcó showing her engagement ring / Gtres

When Christina Pardo’s time came, Juan Del Val Arriving on set with Nuria Roca, Pablo Motos had to flaunt his transparency to talk about what stopped Tamara from attending the weekly date: ‘Tamara Falcó is traveling’, the emcee has pronounced the sentence, reluctant to give further details about the whereabouts of the marquise, who has confirmed ‘unable to know’ So “it’s not filled with media”. Information of particular concern, especially considering that a few hours ago, It’s noon It was confirmed that the businessman was seen at the airport with a small suitcase, so he was about to embark on a short trip. Will the ex-couple take advantage of the media’s apparent lull by meeting in an unknown location to strike a deal to restore their relationship?

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva leave home / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva leave home / Gtres

Still, the truth is that the nature of the two trips is unclear, although rumours that a settlement won’t be an odd choice are sounding louder.In fact, the winner chef celebrity Despite the circumstances, he will continue to live in the apartment he shares with Íñigo Onieva and continue to communicate with his ex by phone.


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