Tamara Falco: The surprising change in her attitude before going to Mexico


Tamara Falco He has already flown to Mexico.In his suitcase he carries a cocktail of emotions created by the last 7 days of pure madness Who Lived From her marriage commitment to her breakup with Íñigo Onieva, just 72 hours have passed, and everything after that has become history in the chronicles of Spanish society. However, the tolls to pay are expensive as it is not hard to imagine that you will feel exhausted. After the storm, she decided to get out of the woods and focus on herself.

He arrived at Adolfo Suarez-Madrid-Barajas Airport at noon on September 30. Cameras witnessed her arriving in the same car, which she has moved throughout the week since settling at her mother’s. iron gate. this is awesome strategy Tamara Falco herself and her driver, working with her airline staff, have followed up. The priority is that it is not seen, so it cannot be recorded. The car was parked a few meters from the terminal entrance, the distance the Marchioness walked between the driver and the staff.

Tamara Falcó, entering Madrid/Gtres Airport

His plan triumphed, with only Tamara’s head visible from behind, as shown in the video at the beginning of this article. despite this, Funny why he decided to hide He has been made public since he arrived at the airport after leaving Mexico. Likewise, he has not avoided the media in recent days, which is surprising to say the least.

The trip is a response to a professional commitment, but it will also be her solace.You will perform different projects, the most important one of which will be to participate in Fourteenth World Congress of Families“designed to unite and equip leaders, organizations and families to affirm, celebrate and strengthen families.” He will also speak at the World Congress of Families with Gloria von Thurn und Taxis; Joseph Grogan, Trump’s former adviser; E. Douglas Clark, United Nations director; Carlos Aguiar Rete, the archbishop of Mexico, the primate, according to the magazine Hello.

Tamara Falcó in
Tamara Falcó in “El Hormiguero” / Telecinco

Their last public intervention It happened at a current affairs party before heading to Mexico anthill, Where does he go every Thursday night? There, she spoke openly about her breakup, and despite the pain, she did find comfort: “It’s a relief, but it’s also a disappointment, it’s complicated, but I’ll keep it up: not a moment I is a person». In addition, he thanked his relatives for helping him open his eyes: “Thanks to my friends for letting me see who I am going to marry, because I have been freed. “


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