Tamara Falcó slams the door on Jordi Cruz in their long-awaited reunion between stoves


After the storm the sun always rises, or that is what Tamara Falcó must be thinking after having lived through probably the most complicated weeks of her life. The Marchioness of Griñon September ended with the happy news of her engagement to Inigo Onievaalthough what he could not imagine is that his happiness would be tarnished as a result of some images that completely dynamited his relationship with the businessman, both having chosen to go their separate ways from now on.

Tamara Falcó in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ / Spanish Television

Without looking back and having given the pertinent explanations through various means of communication, the daughter of Isabel Preysler He has continued with his work duties with total normality. Proof of this is his reappearance in Master Chef Celebritywhich took place this very night after the program in question announced the return of Carlos Falcó’s daughter to the emblematic kitchens of the television show in which she was proclaimed the brand-new winner, thus beginning an impeccable professional career as Chef: “I’m feeling nervous. It’s the feeling of being on set”, Tamara confessed in the first place to those who were once her teachers, while for her part, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera took the opportunity to refer to the feeling of the former contestant with Jordi Cruz, especially considering that right now she is single: “And won’t it be for being next to Jordi Cruz again?”, wondered the sister of colatewhile Falcó answered bluntly and without any intention of being related to whoever was his partner in the kitchen: “No, it’s for the set.” Something to which the man from Manresa also replied: “That’s past”thus removing iron from the matter with the sole objective of making the guest feel at home again.

Tamara Falcó in 'MasterChef Celebrity' / Spanish Television
Tamara Falcó in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ with the chefs / Spanish Television

With this tense meeting, the marchioness kicked off a new television intervention in which she had to give the current contestants a series of clues about the winners of the previous editions of MasterCheflater having to reproduce some dishes already created in the program’s kitchens for well-known diners, among whom were Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Ángela Ponce, Arturo Valls, Iñaki Urrutia or Miriam Giovanelli, for example.

Isabelle Junot in 'MasterChef Celebrity' / Spanish Television
Isabelle Junot in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ / Spanish Television

As if that were not enough, on this pleasant visit Alejandra Onieva’s ex-sister-in-law has also had the opportunity to meet again with Isabelle Junot, who is part of his most distant family nucleus despite the fact that they have a very good friendly relationship that has been evident during this mission. Now the wife of Alvaro Falcó’s mission is to reach such a high position in MasterChef like that of her husband’s cousin. Something that will not be easy, given the great culinary skills that some of her teammates have in this last stretch towards the final.


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