Tamara Falcó slams Juan del Val’s views on loyalty


A week after the media storm, Tamara Falco Keep grabbing the headlines.Infidelity after exposure Inigo Oneeva It has the Marquise of Grignon rethinking her marriage, with Isabelle Pressler’s daughter reappearing on screen this Thursday as a collaborator Anthill As it is every Thursday, this week’s news collection in the TV space could be The most anticipated in the history of the entire ant program.

Tamara Falcó and Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’ / Antena 3

Thanks to the Marchioness of Grignon on the front page today, this part of the TV space can only handle her situation sentimental By the way, infidelity in general. The collaborator spoke unequivocally about how the video of her infidelity reached her and how the events unfolded until she finally closed the door on what seemed to be the love of her life. “It’s like a mirror, you hit it with a hammer and you can’t put it back”has been sentenced, making it clear that Íñigo Onieva could not correct his wrongs.

Tamara Falcó in
Tamara Falcó in “El Hormiguero” / Telecinco

after the previous choice chef celebrity Finishing her story, Nuria Roca and Juan Del Val commented on this matter. “Anger is better than sadness, but what really heals you is sadness. In the end, you live with someone who puts you in the clouds. Anger can take everything from you in a split second. From there, you’ll be prepared for what happened things and what you’ve lost,” the writer revealed. Making the jumping affirmation above, without hesitation countering her point: “No, no, no. you are wrong. For what I lost, no. One thing is what you imagine, the other is what it is. They are two different things. “

Juan Del Val in
Juan Del Val in “El Hormiguero” / Telecinco

Conflict has been increasing when collaborators say infidelity is of “minimal” importance. There was hardly any time, as the show was seconds away from the end, The Marquise of Grignon He jumped like never before, declaring his vision of his partner’s love relationship. “You just said that the hardest thing is loyalty. Nerds. We are not monkeys, you control your impulses, you have to know where your limits are. I have to close this app saying infidelity is normal? Do not!“, sentenced Isabel Pressler’s daughter.

Juan Del Val in
Juan Del Val in “El Hormiguero” / Telecinco

Juan Del Val has since admitted that dealing with such a sensitive issue is not the best day, so he wanted to play down the matter: “Let’s agree, at least, infidelity is common.” After a few laughs, Falcó said The audience of the Antena3 show said goodbye, and she was naturally natural: “Well, that’s it. There are many misfortunes in the world“.


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