Tamara Falco reveals if she met King Juan Carlos in Abu Dhabi


Tamara Falco He was in the United Arab Emirates for a few days. The Marquise of Grignon is travelling to Abu Dhabi to attend a meeting of Harry El Asir, daughter of one of her friends, Maria Fernandez Longoria, with Francis Franco and Maria Sulves The wedding of son Juancho Franco. But that wasn’t the only date in the area for Isabelle Pressler’s daughter, as she also attended her brother’s concert in Qatar, Enrique Iglesias.

Aristocrat didn’t hesitate to tell something about the trip on set Anthill: «The first time I attended Enrique’s concert in Doha, I haven’t seen him for a long time. It was a concert that was supposed to take place some time ago, but was postponed for technical reasons, and then I moved to Abu Dhabi, where I had my wedding,” said the Marquise of Grignon, who in principle did not want to Enter more details about this vacation.

The space’s host, Pablo Motos, and some of his colleagues took the opportunity to ask him about the wedding, and hinted that it would certainly be filled with dignitaries, royal status, such as king juan Carlos, they mentioned because she has been living in Abu Dhabi since summer 2020. Tamara Falcó responded to a hint by throwing the ball: “The most important thing is the bride, my friend, she’s going to be married beautifully,” Tamara said. Such a response, however, was not enough for Pablo Motos, who persisted and questioned Felipe VI’s father directly. “Is the honorary king there?” he told him.

Tamara Falcó on the set of “El Hormiguero”. /Atresmedia

Through a lot of diplomacy, Tamara Falco answered her partner’s questions, but did not dispel doubts about the former head of state: “Maybe yes, maybe not,” she said. Unsurprisingly, some remarks did not please her colleagues, but showed that the Marquise de Grignon was an expert at evasiveness and reticence when it was inconvenient to answer directly.That being the case, it appears that, for now, we will doubt whether king juan Carlos attended this important wedding.

a new stage

In the eyes of the storm, just weeks after she announced her engagement and split Inigo Oneeva, Tamara Falco is enjoying a calm stage. The Marquise of Grignon is focused on her work and her family, as well as her group of friends who have become her big supporters after some very difficult times.At the same time, from the businessman’s environment, they do not seem to rule out that Íñigo Onieva can try to win back Marquisedespite what she has said, she doesn’t think it’s possible to give her a new chance.


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