Tamara Falcó, protagonist of the last National Guard movement “soundtrack”


There is no doubt that Tamara Falco has had a life lesson in recent days. Marquise de Griñón is the perfect inspiration for some large public organizations such as the National Guard, thanks to her honesty about Íñigo Onieva’s infidelity and how she is now with her ex-fiancé. That’s it, This agency wants to capitalize on the phrase “nanoseconds in the metaverse” daughter Isabelle Pressler The aim is to get your latest event to the maximum number of people.

Tamara Falcó in “El Homigro”

Through his social network, Public Security Corps has decided to innovate its content to Make drivers aware of how harmful cell phone use is to them, although outright banned, is still the cause of countless road accidents. In the ad in question, what Tamara can be perfectly heard saying is already emblematic of her:”I don’t care if it’s six seconds or nanoseconds in the metaverse, as long as it’s true, it’s the end of it allhe said, while a man was driving with his full attention on his cell phone. On the other hand, two agents were sitting in the back seat of the car scrutinizing him and looking at the protagonist in a somewhat uncomfortable pose, suggesting that he was committing a very serious crime. Serious crime that could end him and his life. People nearby, around you.

Tamara Falco at the event
Tamara Falco at the event

Thus, what is recorded is Marquise They have actually become well known across the country and beyond.Serial TikToks featuring Isabel Pressler’s daughter are proof that her voice has become a phenomenon fashionable More and more users are claiming to let their videos go viral.In fact, in his last public appearance AnthillCarlos Falco’s daughter has been aware of all the commotion, not to mention the words around her, and has had the opportunity to reveal when she realized that Inigo Oneeva wasn’t entirely sincere to her, which is Why she didn’t want to continue their relationship instead of stepping back and going back to her mother’s house.

Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes event
Tamara Falcó at the Kronos Homes event

Tamara, immersed in her work projects that have provided a great deal of serenity in her life, set about Mexico Attend a talk about family.a sport winner chef celebrity She hinted that she was strong enough to move on with her life, albeit single now, with no short-term wedding plans, and currently doesn’t want to know anything about her fiancé from a week ago.


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