Tamara Falcó nearly tears as she defends her controversial words: ‘It’s especially difficult’


After two of her busiest weeks, including a trip to Mexico, Tamara Falcó is back in Spanish reality. as usual, The Marquise of Grignon sitting on the same thursday Anthill Discuss some current issues despite the fact that she is part of the media front page today for her commitment and subsequent break Inigo Oneeva.

‘El Hormiguero’ / Tamara Falcó in Antena 3

As if the disappointment that Isabel Pressler’s daughter endured wasn’t enough, she also had to endure harsh criticism from critics such as Jorge Javier Vazquez Since his last speech in Mexico, already on Spanish soil, he used this to clarify on his social networks, making it clear that he supports the LGTBIQA+ collective:”For days I’ve been accused of being homophobic, which is not the case. The term deviance refers to my ex’s actions that were inconsistent with the way I understood married life. My breakup is not something I want to talk about again in public, sorry to have to mention it to clarify that. Again, though that was not my intention, I apologize to any group attacked by my remarks.I reiterate that I never wish to hurt anyone, let alone incite hatred‘, he passed his story Instagram, solved a problem that meant that while someone initially supported her courage because of her breakup, someone eventually chose to separate themselves from the typical pain of infidelity.

'El Hormiguero' / Tamara Falcó in Antena 3
‘El Hormiguero’ / Tamara Falcó in Antena 3

Nonetheless, the Marquise of Grignon has been sitting on the Antenna 3 End the controversy with a visibly tired face:”For me, this is especially difficult because it’s taken out of context. I don’t even want to mention that person, but I’m talking about my ex, which was a family thing that was planned before, and I’m explaining why I can’t have a family with him today,” he began by explaining. But her testimony It didn’t stop there, and Tamara wanted to continue emphasizing her purpose:”I never mentioned any LGTB groups or anything like that. When I read it, it can be taken out of context, but watching the video has nothing to do with it. Everything has a peak and decided to use these words against me. If any group is affected by these words, I’m really sorry and invite you to watch the video, because it’s not true,” she said, visibly sad and trying to control her tears. To put the finishing touches on her speech, Tamara He urged. His colleagues left the issue and they parted ways:”This is the last time I’ll talk about my relationship and all this because I don’t even have to talk about it here“.


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