Tamara Falcó mocks her breakup with Íñigo Onieva after an announcement


Tamara Falco is one of the stars that are part of the classic advertisement that Campofrío launches every Christmas. The food group has had a good bunch of familiar faces, from the socialite to actors, including athletes or gamers. The spot is titled The Heritage and reflect on the world that we want to leave to the next generations.

“Taking into account the events that surround us, let’s imagine that today we had to make a will: what kind of legacy would we leave?” is introduced in a video where the actor Antonio de la Torre take center stage from the start. The campaign focuses its context on the insecurities that each character feels in their lives. “Our ability to change how some situations happen is small, but the attitude with which we face them depends on each one of us,” justifies the director of Campofrío Marketing, Javier Portillo.

The ad also features athletes (Iker Casillas), actresses (Maribel Verdú), writers (Juan Gómez Jurado), comedians (Edu Soto, Alberto Casado and Rober Bodegas, from Pantomime Full), journalists (Mónica Carrillo), streamers (IlloJuan) as well as the Antena 3 weatherman (Roberto Brasero). All of them parody themselves in their passage through a fictitious notary governed by the versatile Carlos Areces and Mariona Terés. Especially noteworthy is the one made by Sara Carbonero’s ex-husband when he says that “Well, I’m not going to leave anything for them to spend later”he says as he leaves the room.

Tamara Falcó in ‘El Hormiguero’

Once again, Tamara Falcó manages to put the public in the pocket with her spontaneity and naturalness. The marchioness enters an office where people are gathered and asks a question: «And those of us who want to leave the lack of faith? In the couple, do not get me wrong », he says, hinting at his deep religious faith and his great experience of 2022: the lack of faith in love after the tremendous deception he suffered from Íñigo Onieva. A bad memory with which she now allows herself the luxury of de-dramatizing since she feels liberated.

Speaking of faith, who also seems to have definitely lost it in getting Tamara back, is the businessman. And it will not be for not trying, since in the last few hours he has made public that he has completed the Camino de Santiago. A pilgrimage to the cathedral that has meant a very important emotional experience for him and that some have interpreted as his umpteenth attempt to regain the trust and love of Carlos Falcó’s daughter.

Especially noteworthy are the final sequences of the spot. Who closes the ad is the young actress moon fulgencio. At 11 years old, the interpreter of the saga Father there is only one, teaches everyone a lesson with an emotional video closing speech: “You know what inheritance will make us really rich? What you had when you brought us into this world: courage.


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