Tamara Falcó inspires us with Christmas looks: Mango dress and Zara sandals


Tamara Falco has shone in “Anthill” one of her prettiest looks and brilliant, perfect for Christmas and at a low cost price. The Marchioness of Griñón is about to overcome her sentimental breakup thanks to a job she devotes herself to. We see her walking to her stable dressed in spectacular style. Elegance is perceived in each of the parts of one Tamara Falco who has surprised us thanks to a dress by Mango and some sandals Zara.

Tamara Falcó’s Christmas looks with this Mango dress and Zara sandals

Mango is one of the brands who recently conquers the march of Griñón. We saw her appear for the first time after the breakup with Íñigo Onieva in a pink dress from this brand and we have seen her succeed again with a spectacular piece. We can wear this dress in a thousand different ways this festive season.

You can get him in one of the low prices at the moment, Mango has your dream dress for much smaller than it appears with details that stand out on their own. Tamara Falcó’s style is much cheaper to copy than you imagine thanks to this combination of elements.

The satin touch takes. We saw him triumph last year and we see how this season he returns with force. We can wear an amazing dress that gives a touch of the most elegant and the hand of this garment with Mango seal. An option to shine with your own light with minimal brightness.

Crossover design slim. You will be able to lose a few extra kilos if you choose this type of design, with it crossed and the fact that it is tied at the waist, we stylize the figure to the maximum. We will achieve a 10 finish with this garment in a burgundy tone that we can combine with spectacular sandals.

Mango dress

They have the Zara stamp and are the same color as the dress. They are made of leather, we can wear them with a thick sock to ensure that the cold at this time of the year does not affect us. They are a great option for a special dinner or meal just before Christmas. The price of these sandals is less than 60 euros and the dress costs only 49.99 euros, the whole set is one of the big bets this season.


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