Tamara Falcó cuts ties with Íñigo Onieva: ‘Everything happens for a reason’


All eyes were on her. Tamara Falcó is the star of the week, probably because of events she never wanted to happen.Precisely because of his promise, in a blissful hangover Inigo Oneevaphotos of some businessmen kissing another girl during festival come to light burning man This ignites the joy and future they fully look forward to.

Íñigo Onieva and a woman who is not Tamara / Tiktok

Although she has been hiding from the media, she finally The Marquise of Grignon She wanted to get back to work, and at around 7:30 pm today, she did so at an event organised by Kronos Homes, a real estate agency for which she serves as an ambassador.Although the company confirmed Look Isabel Preysler’s daughter who opted out of dating finally took a 180-degree turn, taking a step forward through her social network, uploading a story He assured him he would be at the Theatre Royal to meet his team-mates on a night of heavy media coverage.

A quarter of an hour before the date begins, Tamara left her home in Puerta de Hierro accompanied by representative Susana UribarriJorge Javier Vazquez was in help me It didn’t have much success before, as the professional was reluctant to give details of how she behaved, telling the host she couldn’t speak at the time. Without giving the media a chance to ask questions, when the emcee of Telecinco’s afternoon show called Susana again, and the two women headed to the Royal Theatre, Falco unexpectedly answered the call: “Jorge, I’m using the speakerphone, but I am wearing AirPods. Georgefor how long”, he began, later speaking of his previous relationship with Íñigo Onieva, denying his romance: “The truth is, now it surprises me too (with Íñigo Onieva). The truth is, I am a believer and I believe everything happens for a reason. I want to thank you for the great work you did because if it wasn’t I would never have found this out.thank you very much”, he revealed, referring to the role of the media, not knowing the full truth until the end.

Jorge Javier Vázquez in
Jorge Javier Vázquez in “Save Me” / Telecinco

But her testimony was not over, and the Marchioness went on to stress the importance of her love story: “For me, marriage is the promise of eternal love. After the wedding on Friday afternoon, everything changed…I want someone who shares my values ​​and respects me.Trust is the foundation, I keep trusting until the evidence overwhelms everythinghe’s settled in, despite the implication that “he doesn’t regret it and will do the same.” However, he wanted to make it clear that he wouldn’t be willing to commit to him if he had known about the infidelity before:”If I knew very little about all this, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. But I’m happy because I believe in God,” she concluded, ending a call that meant the beginning of a new life.

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